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Suikoden creators making a Suikoden successor since Konami can't stop launching more pachinko games. Devs commenced on Kickstarter, made US$1.3M in 12 hours.
Jul 28 2020 05:29 AM
  • Nayok-Kihara's Photo
    Didn't basically the same thing happen with Igarashi and his spiritual successor to "Castlevania"?

    I wonder if Konami regrets being terrible yet.
    Jul 28 2020 06:54 AM
  • tadase's Photo
    Yep, but the overall response to the Suikoden successor compared to Bloodstained is so much bigger, it's crazy
    Jul 28 2020 09:22 PM
  • tadase's Photo
    2.5M in 3 days, istg this real thirst for the series. Konami should be down on their knees
    Aug 01 2020 12:34 PM