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I think I'm about to buy my boyfriend his first idol photobook because he found his one true oshimen after years of putting up with my fangirling.
Jan 17 2020 06:18 PM
  • Lurkette's Photo
    He's always liked Dempa since I started following them, and then he was sold on Nemo once we saw them live in August.
    Jan 21 2020 02:05 PM
  • chocolatmenthe's Photo
    I didn't know the name so I checked her out and all I can say is she is seriously cute with some nice gravure done. Just that I somehow thought it would be an HaroPro girl somehow...
    Jan 21 2020 09:51 PM
  • Lurkette's Photo
    He has never been a huge fan of the H!P girls, for whatever reason. He goes along with whoever I support but he generally has not cared about any idol this much, ever, in any company.
    Jan 21 2020 11:59 PM