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[Translation] Andou Yuzu Indefinite Hiatus: Announcements and Reactions

Posted by Lurkette in Lurkette's things, 10 February 2016 · 85 views

An important announcement regarding Andou Yuzu

"We cordially thank you for your exceptional patience as of late.

Andou Yuzu will be taking an indefinite hiatus from Team Syachihoko.
We have caused all of the fans much concern, and we sincerely apologize that it has come to this.

We hope that you will continue to support Team Syachihoko.


Street Fighter fans...

Posted by Snipey in Life is precious (PUBLIC), 10 February 2016 · 21 views


Suzuki Kanon Blog Translation 2/9/2016

Posted by sukibeam in Melly-beam, 10 February 2016 · 88 views
Suzuki Kanon, Morning Musume

In the Suzuki Kanon thread on here, someone tried to do a brief summary but suggested a full translation of this particular blog post. I couldn't find anyone who does regular Zukki translations, so I am undertaking this as a "special one-time project" seeing as I don't really have time to regularly translate blogs much any more. Zukkibell has always had...

Osu! Kobushi Tamashii Review

Posted by chia6 in chia6's blog, 10 February 2016 · 26 views
Hello! Project, Kobushi Factory

I did a little review on one of Kobushi Factory's newest singles "Osu! Kobushi Tamashii"

Please free feel to check it out~


Posted by JennyInTokyo in JennyInTokyo's Blog, 07 February 2016 · 77 views
kanon suzuki, morning musume 16

Hi everyone

I did a video about my thoughts of Kanon Suzuki's graduation from Morning Musume '16

KanojoPOP's first open auditions!

Posted by Juandalyn in Juandalyn's Blog, 06 February 2016 · 69 views

Due to restructuring and graduations KanojoPOP is in need of new members! If you want to join this cover group, please follow this link .

Also, sub-leader Ueno Nari will graduate in March. Please stay tuned for her graduation event!

Thank you very much!

Surprise YuiKaori

Posted by PCC in PCC's Abyssal Depths Of Satanism :^D, 01 February 2016 · 74 views
YuiKaori, Stylips and 2 more...

Surprise YuiKaori http://www.jpopsuki....10da851b1d0e0b9

just realised the OP and ED of Castletown Dandelion were sang by the ex-members of Stylips. they didn't stand out for me when the anime broadcasted,but the songs were disgustingly cute like the anime.

Hikaru Koyama, ex-Hinoi Team, update

Posted by mountainoluv in Happy lucky chance wonderland, 31 January 2016 · 81 views

Hikaru Koyama, ex-Hinoi Team, update I hope the New Year is off to a good start for everybody. It’s hard to believe that it is the end of January! The topic of this post will be Hikaru Koyama, ex-Hinoi Team. Her nickname is ‘hikachu.’She is currently working as a presenter for a news media outlet called Houdou Kyoku, part of Fuji Television Network. Their website is http://www.houdoukyoku.jp...

Otona ni Narutte Muzukashii!!! is up with romaji and translation

Posted by meichan111 in Meipon's Blog, 23 January 2016 · 86 views
s/mileage, ogawa saki, wada ayaka and 5 more...

Yeeees 4th and last s/mileage indie song is done x3!! now i'm totally ready for any request so just pm me on youtube or pm me here if you don't have youtube. Please enjoy!!

My Experience with NGT48 Shonichi

Posted by ShiningLight445 in ShiningLight445's Blog, 10 January 2016 · 130 views
NGT48, Niigata City, Shonichi

Not to be confused, I will say right off the bat that I did not attend the theater. I just watched through online stream ^_^

I've been a 48G fan since 2012. I typically don't watch theater performances, especially live ones. The big issue is time zones. Japan is currently 15 hours ahead of me, which I live in the middle of the US. Now, a comment on th...

overview: H!P & 48 group girls who are still at school

Posted by YossieKaorin in YossieKaorin's Blog, 06 January 2016 · 177 views

As Iwata Karen is going to start her last school year in April and has announced her graduation from AKB48, the annual phase of grad announcements (mostly because of education) has begun again.

I thus decided to list all Hello! Project girls and 48 group girls who are still at school with emphasis on the girls who are going to graduate from either highsc...

You Kikkawa - Two YOU CLIPS - original name

Posted by webcat in happy-clover, 30 December 2015 · 84 views

This year was a bad harvest to works
just Three titles in last-minute push
New MV is a 9 works only

um... Still this is the year last work!
Because it's what I'm glad if you enjoyed it

Thanks for watching MV, also this year
If the occasion arises, please catch my MV again next year

Now I wish you a happy new year!


If this is necessary...

吉川友 -...

H!p Top Songs of 2015 Fan Poll- Vote Now

Posted by celestia414 in Himitsu da yo!, 02 December 2015 · 185 views

Thought I'd post this on this blog too

The rules are much the same as in previous years. Below is a list of every song released by Hello! Project in 2015 which has at least been previewed by 12/2/2015. (Note: The KSS album was included in last year's poll since it originally had a December release date, so those songs are not included). All you need to d...

Idols Within Ourselves- Maro

Posted by SammLee in Idol Inside, 30 November 2015 · 235 views

Idols Within Ourselves- Maro My beloved Kanyon has been graduated for almost 24 hours. I can't think of a better time to start writing...

How do our oshi members come to be? Is it by chance? A girl in the background catches your eye as she spins... Is it by social pressure? Everyone you know likes her and you start to see her charm... Is it purely superficial? She's not the best dan...

the hello!fanvote 2015

Posted by aya-chii in randomness attack, 19 November 2015 · 211 views

It's my first time participating in one (after 6-7 years in fandom?) and I'm quite surprised at my own answers. Can't we have a copy of our submitted form? There's really no need to make it secret :lol:

So the thing is, there were quite a lot of things I was able to realize by just answering this form. For following H!P for some quite time now and withou...

10 days to go

Posted by EriponRisa in Japan blog, 17 November 2015 · 187 views

With 10 days to go.
So much to do, currently waiting for a package with my tickets to come home to me :)
I can't believe its so close until I will be there again!
Oh, and after Fukuda Kanon grad concert, I will write a review about the concert @ http://sugoiidolkiss.blogspot.se/
So please look forward to it :)

Arashi Wo Okosunda Exciting Fight!-Cover

Posted by Naki-chan in Naki-chan's Blog, 02 November 2015 · 141 views
cover, fandub, c-ute

Sometime ago I recorded Arashi..from the new ºc-ute single but when I uploaded it to youtube the audio was wrong, so that's why this time I don't use instrumental, enjoy it! ^-^ :

Watch it on dailymotion too: http://www.dailymoti...m/video/x3c3uep

Sayashi Riho is leaving us..

Posted by wahodes in Hello_Baby, 30 October 2015 · 374 views

I wrote this during a long card ride yesterday expressing some of my feelings in light of the recent news. It was a really sad day for me and i'm sure it was for many others in this fandom.

Today will be remembered as one of the saddest day in my time as a fan of hello!project/Morning Musume. Sayashi Riho has announced her graduation very suddenly and u...

Is Hello! Project now a rich girls club ?

Posted by DomScatterbrain in Z-rated, 27 October 2015 · 530 views

In recent years H!P has changed a lot.
There were batch of newly debuted members in almost every year.
The last Momusu member from Platinum Era graduated last year.
Berryz "disbanded" as idol group, yet most of its members still work as staff in the company.
But most intriguing thing for me is the amount of girls from wealthy families.
I know some members...

Ignore me (??)

Posted by ryochan95 in ryochan95's Blog, 23 October 2015 · 277 views

Loved Ai-chan singing this, so... c: I am not pro, but I did my best

Hope you like it. Unless, you can tell me I suck, but after watching it hahahaha c:

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