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My top vocalists in H!P

Posted by Zhanepan in Why Hello! It's H!P darling!, 05 August 2015 · 32 views
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I go by the girls who can sing hella well or can simply hold a note during live performances. Not by popularity or who's the prettiest. I have been in this fandom for a long time and these girls have blown me away with their vocals more than once.

In no particular order, my top are:

Takeuchi Akari
Tamura Meimi
Fukuda Kanon
Wada Ayaka ( She's came...

Egao Yes Nude - Morning Musume GROUPDUB!

Posted by JennyInTokyo in JennyInTokyo's Blog, 04 August 2015 · 35 views

Please check out my FCFS groupdub of Egao Yes Nude by Morning Musume!!

150804 「Nagoya٩( ᐛ )وInaba Manaka」

Posted by schicoschizophrenic9 in Tamerai Tak Time, 04 August 2015 · 32 views
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150804 「Nagoya٩( ᐛ )وInaba Manaka」 Good evening everyone✨

As always, thank you for the
likes and comments ❤

First of all,
there was a notice in the official site
She has to stay at home for a few more days
So this week, it will be just the four of use
but, the feelings of everyone
makes me want to do my very best💪✨
Thank you everyone!!

I wish for Risa-chan's
fast recovery😣✨

Vulfpeck - Adrienne & Adrianne from Vollmilch

Posted by mach1neshop in Two cents, and then some, 03 August 2015 · 34 views

4 person band featuring a simple drum set, a piano and bass guitar nothing really too fancy. Again, with this band the awesomeness lies in the instrumental work (yep this is yet another non-vocal piece). You have one set of piano laying the theme down in its jazzy glory. The other track is insanely riff filled, ornamenting all over the place. Weave in fil...

150801 From Sendai

Posted by sukibeam in Kaichou Corner, 02 August 2015 · 46 views
Ikuta Erina, blog


Good eveniiing (●´ω`●)
It's Eripooon (∗ ❛⃘ ❛⃘∗)


Today was the concert in Sendai!
It was only the one show, so we're finished \(´∀`)/バッ

Thank you to everyone who came ! !

I took a 2-shot with Fu...

Top Country Girls Members~

Posted by chia6 in chia6's blog, 01 August 2015 · 49 views
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Today, I did a little post talking about my top members of Country Girls on my blog~
Please feel free to take a look if you're interested~ :)


Kirari to hikaru hoshi

Posted by Naki-chan in Naki-chan's Blog, 30 July 2015 · 47 views

Today I want to share a new cover I did with Tayasa, one of the members of New Star Generation, I'm HimeDaruma and I did Riho parts. Hope you like it! <3

Juice=Juice Rankings- Blashpemy of a Commoner

Posted by Ganbacchae! It's Alright! in Kotoba ni..., 25 July 2015 · 68 views

The most beautiful thing about the internet is that it allows us plebeians to have an opinion. No one would care about the views of 90% of the powerless human populace, and practically no one would read blogs had they not stumbled upon a clickbait title. I could use this wonderful resource to bring awareness to the plight of pandas, or to advocate for sol...

H!P 10 best vocalist 2015

Posted by DomScatterbrain in Z-rated, 21 July 2015 · 97 views
hello! project

Takagi Sayuki
Oda Sakura
Kanazawa Tomoko
Tamura Meimi
Miyamoto Karin
Hirose Ayaka
Murota Mizuki
Inaba Manaka
Sato Masaki
Inoue Rei

*excluding anyone with debut tenure >4 years as of this entry posted
*totally my opinion

If I must put 9ki to the list, they're Fukumura after Meimi, Sayashi after Karin, Zukki after Masaki (both will be out of list a...

H!P, 48G and Me

Posted by ShiningLight445 in ShiningLight445's Blog, 20 July 2015 · 39 views
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One day I got bored and this blog is the result.
This blog is dedicated to the members who share their birth month (May) birthday (31st),and birth year (1994) with me. I feature here members from Hello! Project and 48G, as the groups from these two are the ones I listen to music the most. (I do not include Otona AKB/Baito AKB/Kennin's for each group.)

150716 (´-`).。oO family

Posted by sukibeam in 今日のどぅー, 16 July 2015 · 87 views
Kudo Haruka, blog



Last night, for the first time in a while, all 5 people of my family were together so we talked raucously \(^_^)/

Mama and Papa said "The children of this house are always out and about nowadays~" while we were energetically shopping; throughout the year they've been saying it s...

About Me ⌒(=・ω・=)⌒ 

Posted by Ruriko Minegishi Kawaii in Ruriko Minegishi Kawaii Blog, 15 July 2015 · 146 views
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About Me ⌒(=・ω・=)⌒  Hi (´・ω・)ノ★*゚*ヨロシクデス*゚*☆ My real name is Esmeralda, and in this, my first entry, i will do a little quetionary about myself, let's go :itadakimasu:

Name: Esmeralda
Age: 19 years old
Favorite Food: Hamburgers XD
Disliked Food: Eggs :P
Favorite Idols(and ex-idols :3 ): Suzuki Kanon (Zukki), Sayumi, Tanaka Reina, Maeda Atsuko,


Posted by ADRNEL in ADRNEL's Blog, 12 July 2015 · 120 views

OGATA HARUNA 2014-present

Seishun Kozo ga Naiteiru
Yuugure wa Amaegari
Ima Koko Kara
~Single 59~

NONAKA MIKI 2014-present

Seishun Kozo ga Naiteiru
Yuugure wa Amaegari
Ima Koko Kara
~Single 59~

MAKINO MARIA 2014-present

Seishun Kozo ga Naiteiru
Yuugure wa Amaegari
Ima Koko Kara
~Single 59~


Visiting Anime Expo 2015

Posted by mountainoluv in Happy lucky chance wonderland, 07 July 2015 · 166 views
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Visiting Anime Expo 2015 It’s been a couple of months since my last blog entry, so I figured it was about time for another one.

They held Anime Expo at the L.A. Convention Center again, from July 2 – 5, 2015. I purchased my ticket for $45 the night before I went. I attended with a family member on Fri., the third. I had some stuff I had to do on Fri. morning, so we didn’t get go...

2015 Mid Year Ranking

Posted by angelcytheria in warette-you, 06 July 2015 · 153 views
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Since we've entered the second half of 2015, I decided to do another ranking. I used H!P ranker and will sort them out in their individual groups. (Although i think its abit inaccurate)


Ranking more or less stayed the same except Airi and Maimi switched spots.

Morning Musume'15

Wish (not) by Roberto Smithia

Posted by PCC in PCC's Abyssal Depths Of Satanism :^D, 29 June 2015 · 150 views
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Wish (not) by Roberto Smithia http://seventhstyle....shooting-stars/

call me a plebian but i like WotP more than kantai:the card collection. even with that gainax ending. now i wished they made something about nissan cars that isn't initial d.

My cover of Password is 0(Please click on the full entry button to see the video)

Posted by Mewchan in Mewchan's Blog, 21 June 2015 · 167 views

After 2 months, I have finally recorded a new cover. I know it's not the best, but I hope you'll enjoy!

Hello! Online Member Generations

Posted by sukibeam in Melly-beam, 12 June 2015 · 314 views

So Archrespt had an interesting status update I will quote below.

This really intrigued me, so I decided to do some math.
The "Contact" page lists Hello! Online as starting in June 2004, but the oldest member join date I could find (with a very quick perusal) was Miki-chan on 3/27/2004 . She looks like user #3, so that's close enough for me to use tha...

How AKB48 give the light to my life

Posted by afiq.rulz in Yaharo~!!, 03 June 2015 · 175 views

Gokigen Ikaga deGozaruka?~

Just like the title says and a story I shall tell.

I've been trying my best to lose weight for the past 5 years but my best effort was about the same as a sloth trying to move, 170KG was my heaviest. See for the past 5 years I've never been discipline hence why I've only did little progress, last i check i was 156KG about a ye...

Who I voted for in the Sousenkyo Elections 2015!

Posted by minaeshi in Minaeshi's Blog, 28 May 2015 · 232 views

I made another post on who I've decided to vote for in the elections, click here to check it out ^^

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