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Itooshikutte Gomen ne (Morning Musume'16, Sunshine Parade 2016)

Posted by cjkuma in cjkuma's Blog, 30 November 2016 · 126 views

Fukumura Mizuki , Ikuta Erina , Iikubo Haruna , Ishida Ayumi , Sato Masaki , Kudo Haruka , Oda Sakura , Ogata Haruna , Nonaka Miki , Makino Maria , Haga Akane


Kimi no koto suki ni natte kara
Jibun janai mitai…
Umaku ienakute, gomen ne

“Ima nani wo shite iru no ? ”...


Posted by XxShadowYankiixX in LivingDeadDollie, 28 November 2016 · 124 views

I've been writing this fanfiction for some time now and I decided to start over. I got a negative review on it, and I was butthurt at first to be honest with you. I ended up starting over because that reviewer made some solid points. Honestly, people (including me) need to know when you start writing fanfiction you have to expect some type of criticism. I...

Do you know some fanfictions? JUST H!P

Posted by triquelme483 in Fanfictions., 26 November 2016 · 212 views
fanfic, morning musume and 1 more...

Do you know some fanfictions? JUST H!P HIII.

The other day, i read some fanfictions (in spanish) and not all are goods.

Nobody know some really goods to read?

I have one fanfiction (MaaDuu) but i still working in them...


If you know some, please tell me :D

Japanese Pop Culture Throwbacks: Idol Meets Hip-Hop

Posted by Motifive in Motifive's Blog, 20 November 2016 · 285 views

It's the beginning of 1994.

The idol boom of the 80s is long gone. The top of the charts are occupied by singers and bands who sing ballads for popular dramas. Actress idols such as Miyazawa Rie, Mizuki Alisa, Makise Riho, Sakurai Sachiko and Takahashi Yumiko, who were the faces of the 'Beautiful Girl Boom' of the late 80s and early 90s, either failed co...

Please tell me more about traveling to JAPAN

Posted by aya-chii in randomness attack, 17 November 2016 · 291 views

It is only until recent that I realized that I can buy roundtrip tickets (PH to JP) for only USD 80 on a certain month. Hence, for next year, I seriously want to prepare and plan for a trip. And for us fans, there's nothing more we would want than seeing our favorite H!P acts live.

I would like to know how much a concert ticket would naturally cost? Wher...

I don't usually repost from 4chan

Posted by PCC in PCC's Abyssal Depths Of Satanism :^D, 15 November 2016 · 323 views
Ani Tore! XX, ADONIS, /fit/

I don't usually repost from 4chan But reviews of the excercise anime from "ADONIS" chan is surprisingly educational. This was for episode 6.

Iikubo Haruna's Birthday event: 14/11/2016

Posted by Kinjiru in Kinjiru's Blog, 14 November 2016 · 243 views

Aaaaand, I'm back! That was fun!

So Sawayaka Goro was the MC and that's a good thing because he's damn good at following up and initiating jokes. The first corner was basically Harunan (looking as beautiful as ever) cooking a certain dish. While the dish was in the oven, she'd be answering fan questions from a box. Tbqh it wasn't very exciting, it was mo...

Hitomi Saito: sexy and beautiful

Posted by mountainoluv in Happy lucky chance wonderland, 14 November 2016 · 250 views
Hitomi Saito, Melon Kinenbi and 8 more...

Hitomi Saito: sexy and beautiful If you get the chance, you should take a look at the moon. Tomorrow night, it is supposed to look particularly big, i.e., a supermoon. Today, I will address Hitomi Saito. She was born Oct. 31, 1981, in Niigata Prefecture.

She is the former leader of the Hello! Project group Melon Kinenbi. They were active from 2000 to 2010, when they disbanded. They had...

If Morning Musume is a Kpop group

Posted by zerochanDUU in Hello Wota!, 02 November 2016 · 482 views
hello project, morning musume and 5 more...

If Morning Musume is a Kpop group Before I start, I hope no one bashes me and says
"uh no girl, we dont need them to look like Kpop they are already attractive"
First of all, Morning Musume is my favorite group for 9 years now so I know how beautiful they are
what I'm doing is just for fun~ ^-^

We all are used to seeing our MM babies looking natural without make up and only using li...

Why Love Machine in so many TV Shows? ADV: Spanish.

Posted by triquelme483 in Mi Blog / My Blog , 27 October 2016 · 420 views
morning musume, love machine and 4 more...

Why Love Machine in so many TV Shows? ADV: Spanish. Creo que no somos pocos los que hemos llegado a odiar Love Machine en algún momento (más aún si eres un gran fan de Morning Musume y no te pierdes ninguna presentación de ellas)
Así que, why not make a video?
Hola, si, soy dafack <3 Los hago por entretención y sin ninguna intención de ofender a nadie.
Amo a H!P tanto como ustedes, así que...

More new videos...

Posted by Snipey in Life is precious (PUBLIC), 26 October 2016 · 301 views

I recently made an OPV for MM's new song MukiMuki.
1k in a day, wow. (been so long since I uploaded on this channel)

Gaming: Some street fighter V and Overwatch

Please do subscribe if you enjoy the content ...hehe

Oda Left Out of Arrangements for the 12th Gen’s Anniversary Surprise

Posted by ailuromancie in ailuromancie's Blog, 21 October 2016 · 637 views
oda, sakura, ishida, ayumi, ikuta and 5 more...

This is a matome translation! Jokes about Oda’s generation-of-one loneliness never seem to get old among the wota. Seems they’re rooted in some truth, though, as Ayumi and Eripon seem to have some trouble remembering her existence...



1: 【中国電 86.0 %】 ◆fv...

160929 Legend!

Posted by sukibeam in ~* Daishi Feeling *~, 29 September 2016 · 549 views
Ishida Ayumi, blog, translation


Good evening
It's Ishida Ayumi

September 29, 2016......

Today is
the Morning Musume 10ki members'


Posted Image

Although we had rehearsals today,
the place we rehearsed,
was the place the 4 of us
first ass...

160826 Ai!

Posted by sukibeam in 今日のどぅー, 26 August 2016 · 507 views
Kudo Haruka


"MUSIC STATION 2 Hour Special"
Thank you, everybody who watched it!

Its theme was "Amazing Dance Songs"
and with formation dance in our arsenal,
we performed our song called "Ai no Gundan" !

Usually, the camera and so on is in front of the stage, but
we made good use of the overhead cameras

[BiSH] Ayuni D "I want to sing and dance with the real BiSH" (Interview translation)

Posted by Lurkette in Lurkette's things, 25 August 2016 · 1580 views

BiSH, who had a major debut under avex trax in May 2016, are invading the major music scene with Watanabe Junnosuke and Matsukuma Kenta, who have done this once before. They're currently in the middle of a national tour receiving rave reviews, and in preparation for a solo show a...

Results of the poll!

Posted by conanidol in ConanShimizu Blog, 25 August 2016 · 361 views
Poll, Hello! Project

Hi! It's me again.

Some weeks ago I created a poll about who is the most popular idol of Hello! Project this year, and, after a month (or so), the results are already known!

I uploaded the results on my blog, so please, visit http://conanshimizu....uien-es-tu.html

The post is in Spanish but it's pretty e...

What H!P is made of (08/2016)

Posted by Pyo-Kiyo in Pyo-Kiyo's Blog, 22 August 2016 · 285 views

Kids (6), Eggs (10), Kenshuusei (26), Outside (13)
2004 Debut: Tsugunaga Momoko
2005 Debut: Yajima Maimi / Nakajima Saki / Suzuki Airi / Okai Chisato / Hagiwara Mai
2006 Debut: Mitsui Aika
2009 Debut: Wada Ayaka
2011 Debut: Fukumura Mizuki / Ikuta Erina / Sayashi Riho / Nakanishi Kana / Takeuchi Akari / Katsuta Rina / Iikubo Haruna / Ishida A...

Top-10 2016

Posted by arwald in テルテル坊主の涙, 20 August 2016 · 303 views

About time to make up my mind on my current favourite idol ranking list, before I forget.

1. Kago Ai


Well, I must confess that she still has the 1st place only due to her brilliant past. To me she was near to perfect as an artist. I still support her to some degree (What? Really? Didn't you unfoll...

My 48Group CD Inventory

Posted by ShiningLight445 in ShiningLight445's Blog, 18 August 2016 · 158 views
48Group, CD, Inventory and 1 more...

This blog is a list of cd's from 48Group of those that I have, and those that I want :) Just so I have it here for quick reference.

CD's I Have

- UZA Type K
- Sayonara Crawl Type K (RE)
- Ue Kara Mariko Type K
- Koisuru Fortune Cookie Type B (LE)
- Bokutachi wa Tatakawanai Types A, B, C, D (RE)
-Tsubasa wa Iranai Types A, B, C (RE)...

Vote for the Artist you want to see perform at the 2020 Olympics in Japan!

Posted by minaeshi in Minaeshi's Blog, 10 August 2016 · 419 views

Decided to post this as a blog post rather than on a thread or a status so that it wouldn't fall out of the radar~

Siesta-tokyo are looking for artists to perform at the 2020 summer olympic games in japan, and have asked the public to vote on who they want to see perform in the opening and closing ceremony. I'm not sure whether this is an official poll f...

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