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original name vol.34

Posted by webcat in happy-clover, 23 October 2014 · 26 views

If this is necessary...

331 コピンク* - 兎tocome feat. コピンク (宮本佳林)
332 Berryz工房 - Because happiness
333 モーニング娘。 - 地球が泣いている (聖が泣いているVer.)
334 ℃-ute - 嗚呼 恋
335 Berryz工房 - 青春劇場 (Berryz工房Ver.)
336 Berryz工房 - Berryz工房シングルメドレー 2004~2011 (BerryzミュージアムVer.)
337 ℃-ute - 夢があるから
338 吉川友 - TO BE...
339 吉川友 - 運命
340 ℃-ute - 3番ホーム 3両目

MLN48 Rambles

Posted by minaeshi in Minaeshi's Blog, 22 October 2014 · 77 views
48 groups

So this is something that I recently came up with (and by recently, I mean right now)..

It all started while I saw Tano Yuuka's tweet on twitter, and I posted a reply (in english - I still can't type in Japanese haha), which got me thinking about AKB's future and lead me to start rambling on about 48 groups. I found it all quiet amusing after reading the...

It's that time of year again

Posted by Hatched Egg in Hatched Egg, 15 October 2014 · 114 views

It's time for a single review.

Asuka Hinoi stars in feature film, “Sharing” 2014

Posted by mountainoluv in Happy lucky chance wonderland, 12 October 2014 · 169 views
Asuka Hinoi, Hinoi Team and 3 more...

Asuka Hinoi stars in feature film, “Sharing” 2014 I am happy to report that Asuka Hinoi (ex Hinoi Team) stars in a new feature film. The title is “Sharing,” and it was directed by award winner Makoto Shinozaki. The 120 minute film was accepted at the Busan International Film Festival, which concluded today. The Busan International Film Festival takes place annually in Korea, and is known as Asia’s larges...

2014 4th Quarter Kenshuusei Program "Personal" Exit Risk Assessment

Posted by Ady001 in Ady001's Blog, 07 October 2014 · 172 views
kenshuusei, ハロプロ研修生, 論文, ハロプロ

Well, since we're waiting for a couple more announcements from UF about a possible group in 2015, I've been toying with the fact that some of the girls, running against time and priorities might do an exit from the program sooner than we expect. As much as I'd like all of them to debut, only a handful can be accomodated by the agency. Some might be willin...

My Morning Musume '14 New York Concert Experience [MORE STUFF ADDED]

Posted by Berryzfan。 in Berryzfan's Ramblings, 06 October 2014 · 1522 views

I just got back from Morning Musume '14 's NYC concert. It is 10:48pm, and I'm exhausted, but it was one heck of a night and I can't sleep without jotting all of these details down from the very beginning. Fair warning, this is gonna be long. But rewarding!

I've been a fan of Morning Musume ever since I was 9. Missing out on MM in LA, Berryz in Washingto...

2015: New Year, New Era

Posted by Fallenangel2u in Fallenangel2u's Blog, 06 October 2014 · 66 views
berryz koubou, s/mileage and 3 more...

And the wheels keep turning in H!P in 2015. Musume will not only have four new members, but they will be without Sayumi. This is something that hasn’t happen in 11 years. Another group that will see change is S/mileage with also new members being apart in their first single also in 2015. But with additions comes departures. Berryz Koubou will be on an ind...

Who will be the Front Girls of the New S/Mileage? (2ch thread)

Posted by Roddy Reta in Roddy Reta's Blog, 04 October 2014 · 232 views

Back row -- Nakanishi Takeuchi Katsuta Tamura
Middle row -- Aikawa Fukuda Murota
Double Center -- Sasaki Wada

Is Sasaki really being pushed so quickly?

Back - Katsuta Takeuchi Aikawa Nakanishi Tamura
Middle - Fukuda Wada Murota
Front - Sasaki

Wada Murota Sasaki Aikawa Fukuda in the front row

Second generation gets shoved to the...

Glad to be back! (Birthday Post)

Posted by ThatOneAidolu in ThatOneAidolu's Blog, 03 October 2014 · 45 views
akb48, hello project, birthday and 3 more...

Hello HO! It's been awhile since i've posted. I remember being online on the last day of school in May! Well, i moved to a new school now and it took me 6 weeks to find out that i can get on HO with the school server. ^-^ Glad to be back and i'm ready to be more active! Currently, I am blogging from the school computer in my computer programming class. W...

Your favorite color = Your favorite member?

Posted by LoveRice in LoveRice's Blog, 03 October 2014 · 121 views

Your favorite color = Your favorite member

Does this "theory" apply?

I just noticed alot of the members that I like, happen to represent my favorite color.

Here are some examples:

C-ute's Yajima Maimi
Berryz Koubou's Sugaya Risako

I need your help for something important for me ;w;

Posted by AitorBernkastel in AitorBernkastel's Blog, 02 October 2014 · 121 views

Hello! I'm Aitor, as everyone (or almost everyone XD) know

Out of H!P and J-POP fandom, I'm into the KPOP fandom as well. Well, there's this group called EXO, which I love, and a member from that group that I love even more, Sehun.

There's some kind of campaing of messages. The top 550 (50 by each member) most voted comments will be compilated in a book...

not a white pig bot '14

Posted by PCC in PCC's Blog, 02 October 2014 · 82 views

not a white pig bot '14 http://news.national...rs-sanctuaries/

some how this got into my news feed. nothing to do with the whitepiggubot twitter btw.
ye lords of thunder!!! they're pigs. if they're healthy and "organic", do the right thang and eat them! you bought it. take reponsibility to the delicio...

thoughts of the new members in MM

Posted by SayuXcoffee in SayuXcoffeeXStories , 02 October 2014 · 71 views

To be honest I really was nervous when watching the announcement! I didn´t follow the auditions because I don´t know where it´s uploadet aaaand because of that i didn´t even know one of them~

BUT > gladly I love all 4 of them !! Coming on stage, every single one had her own charm and own unique character. I´m sooo looking forward to how they will...

Colourful Era's close-up count.

Posted by Juandalyn in Juandalyn's Blog, 02 October 2014 · 70 views

Since I've got nothing better to do I counted the close-ups from MVs up from One Two Three.
I will not count in zoomed in shots during the danceshot, only solo-version shots. I won't make a difference in how long (in seconds) a close-up is shown, maybe I'll do that next time. There must be at least one scene (dance shot or other person's close up) between...

Morning Musume 12th Gen: First impressions

Posted by wahodes in Hello_Baby, 01 October 2014 · 181 views

Morning Musume 12th Gen: First impressions I'm sure most of us by now have seen that Morning Musume has announced it's 12th generation members! So far it's been announced that they will participate in handshake events this fall and become full members in 2015 as a part of Morning Musume '15. It has been an exciting morning indeed and I for one can say that I'm both satisfied and excited to see wha...

short notice

Posted by YossieKaorin in YossieKaorin's Blog, 23 September 2014 · 140 views

I am basically not going to be online here anymore. I have copied my blog entries from here to my blogspot blog, thus won't update them here anymore (same for the "H!P-related homepages, blogs etc." thread). You can find me at Twitter and Tumblr instead.

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