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Tokisora COVER!

Posted by msmairtan in Tracee & Idols, 15 April 2014 · 32 views

Ugugugu I haven't sang in a while but I just HAD to sing this song after hearing that intstrumental


Less music / more harmony version:

Favorite idol activities

Posted by mountainoluv in Happy lucky chance wonderland, 15 April 2014 · 53 views
aMI TOKITO, NHK, Radio Man Jack and 7 more...

Favorite idol activities Hello everyone! Please excuse the long delay in updating. I have been extremely busy lately. I actually went to Jacksonville, Florida last week on business.

OK, this post will feature my favorite idol: aMI TOKITO :wub: . In particular, I’ll cover some of the things she is up to currently. Most importantly, she has a new gravure DVD that came out this m...

Mr. Mr - Girls Generation (ENGLISH COVER)

Posted by JennyInTokyo in JennyInTokyo's Blog, 14 April 2014 · 37 views

Please check out my singing cover of Mr Mr by Girls Generation!
Please comment on the video page :D

Morning Musume '14 56th Single Music Video

Posted by Carlo in Carlo's Blog, 13 April 2014 · 70 views

Morning Musume '14 56th Single "Password is 0" Music Video
Is a double A-Side with Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe

I miss the old time in H!O....

Posted by xHadex in Mitsu Paradise, 12 April 2014 · 122 views

I miss the old time. cuz nowday no one write fan fiction or make graphic anymore. those two forum feel dead. i feel sad. let revive it?

H!P Podcast series: StD Podcast (ep.2, 3, 4)

Posted by sanrio in SanrioTIME, 09 April 2014 · 96 views

About 7 weeks ago, I was finally able to start up my old legendary (aka. no one cares) H!P podcast series with a new host, Dran. Renamed it from STD (Sanrio Toxic Duo) to now StD (Sanrio to Dran). The viewership might not be that high, but I'm proud to say that we have fun and look forward to each recording as we bring in our silliness onto the show and...

Singer ranking Hello! Project (as of April 2014)

Posted by Juandalyn in Juandalyn's Blog, 08 April 2014 · 192 views
morning musume, analysis and 4 more...

I've seen this happening in the new Satoyama thread but I didn't want to spam it - so why not make a blog post? (Since nobody ever reads blog posts.)
I'll try to be as unbiased as possible and I'll try to give explanations. In the end, I know that, singing isn't the most important thing an idol has to be able to. In fact... singing is pretty unimportant....

Thoughts about Morning Musume '14's 56th Single

Posted by chia6 in chia6's blog, 08 April 2014 · 87 views
Hello! Project, Morning Musume and 1 more...

I did a little blog post talking about Morning Musume 14's 56th single "Toki wo Koe, Sora wo Koe / Password is 0" on my blog if anybody is interested in taking a look :) !!


My Password is 0 full dance cover

Posted by AitorBernkastel in AitorBernkastel's Blog, 07 April 2014 · 81 views
morning musume, sato masaki

Of course I've done Maachan part!

(Late) March Ranking

Posted by Nakari in Nakari's Thoughts, 04 April 2014 · 75 views

Nakanishi Kana (-)

Uemura Akari (-)

Fukuda Kanon (-)

Wada Ayaka

Katsuta Rina

Tokunaga Chinami

Kumai Yurina

Suzuki Airi

Sakura Oda

Tamura Meimi

Masaki Sato

Ikuta Erina

Hagiwara Mai

Takeuchi Akari

Suzuki Kanon

Sugaya Risako

Kudo Haruka

Takagi Sayuki


Happy birthday Watanabe Mayu (AKB48 Team B)

Posted by MuhdNurHidayat in MuhdNurHidayat's Blog, 25 March 2014 · 112 views
AKB48, Mayuyu, Team B

Do you know what day is today?
Yeah, I know today is Wednesday, but what's special?
Today is special because
today is Watanabe Mayu 's 20th birthday anniversary!! :drool:
She's 20 years old, time flowing so fast.... :lol:
Watanabe Mayu-sama, otanjoubi omedetou!!

Anyway, for those who don't know... we actually did something for her birthday.......

My H!P Ranking Mar 2014

Posted by mattisbornerheim in mattisbornerheim, 22 March 2014 · 155 views

color scheme: Morning Musume '14 Berryz Kobo C-ute S/mileage Juice=Juice
Disclaimer: I like all girls in H!P, so please don't take this too serious
1位   Sato Masaki (-)
2位   Fukumura Mizuki (+1)
3位   Oda Sakura (+1)
4位   Michishige Sayumi (-2)
5位   Ishida Ayumi (-)
6位   Okai Chisato (+5)
7位   Sayashi Riho (+2)
8位   Suzuki Airi (-2)
9位   Ue...

My thoughts on Singles - 1st quarter of 2014 (H!P Edition)

Posted by ShiningLight445 in ShiningLight445's Blog, 17 March 2014 · 152 views
Thoughts, singles, 2014, H!P and 1 more...

So, since March has been here for awhile, I've decided to give my opinions on the singles/DVD singles of 2014, this time from H!P's side of Japan

I start with Juice=Juice because their single will be released in 2 days.

Title: Hadoka no Hadoka no Hadoka no KISS/Are Kore Shitai!

Song: I thought the 3x "Hadoka no" would be annoying, to be ho...


Posted by ♥Sancchan♥ in The AntiCrisisBlog :D, 16 March 2014 · 215 views

another usual, boring, pointless sunday, when suddenly i remembered that Hello!Online actually still exists. XD

i am so sorry for not being active on here. i kinda lost interest in hello! project back in 2010 when real life started occupying me more and more as the time progressed. lots of things have happened since then. i went through a really painful...

Top 10 Fan Pet Peeves

Posted by CandyApple in CandyApple's Blog, 15 March 2014 · 207 views

Hello, I know this is my first blog, and I'm gonna be ranting alot so... Yeah! I am Candy Apple and I've been a user here for a while. Although I don't neccessarily go on alot, I think a good number of you may/may not know of my existance.

Yes, so in the Idol Fandom, every fan has a few pet peeves. And this applies to be especially. So here is my mini-ra...

Interview: S/mileage in the Original Photobook Produce Battle

Posted by Lurkette in Lurkette's things, 12 March 2014 · 668 views

The 5 groups of Hello!Project are competing in planning digital photobooks for the privilege of a special appearance on Nippon Broadcasting's "All Night Nippon" in "au 'Bookpass' Presents HELLO ! PROJECT Original Photobook Produce Battle! ~Grand Prize is a special appearance on All Night Nippon!?~". S/mileage's photobook theme is "Simple-minded girls." Wh...


Posted by Taramin in Taramin's Blog, 11 March 2014 · 104 views

Japan marks 3 years since quake-tsunami disasters.

March 12 ,Berryz Kobo was supposed to concert in Sendai.
Saki-chan wrote about it in the blog today.






Posted by tb03171 in tb03171's Blog, 08 March 2014 · 121 views

I finally creat my account and sign in. Google's mail is the answer. I like hello project's members, especially c-ute and juice=juice.

AKB48 - First Rabbit [Guitar Cover] - (Metal version)

Posted by garry metal in 48 Fans, 05 March 2014 · 204 views

AKB48 - First Rabbit [Guitar Cover] - (Metal version) This Song was dedicate for Yuko Oshima.
All guitar & drums composed by my self

enjoy :good: \m/

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