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Not a review of Solaris by comrade Stanislav Lem

Posted by PCC in PCC's Abyssal Depths Of Satanism :^D, 22 September 2016 · 159 views
cosmic horror, lem, SPACE and 3 more...

Not a review of Solaris by comrade Stanislav Lem Hahahha. I'm kidding. This is (NOT REALLY)a review of Knights of Sidonia/ Cydonia No Kishi. The manga anyway. The anime just made it more creepy in a different way because the horrors of budget-CGI. It does vaguely reference the names found in Solaris, and the big bad alien is vaguely similar.

Ermmm... welll.. wtf can I say? The penis monster "won". As i...

Hitorijime (Line distribution as of 09/14/2016)

Posted by cjkuma in cjkuma's Blog, 14 September 2016 · 295 views

Tsubaki Factory: Yamagishi Riko , Ogata Risa , Niinuma Kisora , Tanimoto Ami , Kishimoto Yumeno , Asakura Kiki , Ono Mizuho , Onoda Saori , Akiyama Mao (temporary colors for 2ki)

Original ver: http://www.projecthe...hitorijime.html

[Ami /Kiki /Mao ] Hitorijime wa [Risa /Riko /Mizuho ] shicha DAME da to
Shuui kara no atsui shisen
Dakedo r...

160905 Today's Praiseworthy C-ute no Hi !

Posted by sukibeam in ~* Daishi Feeling *~, 07 September 2016 · 355 views
Ishida Ayumi


Good evening
It's Ishida Ayumi

I was able to study and observe
C-ute-san's Nippon Budokan performance


Thank you very much

C-ute-san's existence,
I've come to feel grateful for that existence.

C-ute-san are also important as individual members,
that's been made quite clear,

And for th...

Sheer Beauty of Rika Ishikawa

Posted by mountainoluv in Happy lucky chance wonderland, 05 September 2016 · 902 views
Rika Ishikawa, Morning Musume and 8 more...

Sheer Beauty of Rika Ishikawa “Mazu wa, Ishikawa Rika!”

Today, I’d like to address Rika Ishikawa. Her date of birth is Jan. 19, 1985. She broke onto the scene as a 4th generation member of Morning Musume in 2000. (I’m not an expert about Rika Ishikawa, so I’m just going to give a few highlights of her career.)

She was in Morning Musume until May, 2005. In the meantime, she was also...

160826 Ai!

Posted by sukibeam in 今日のどぅー, 26 August 2016 · 438 views
Kudo Haruka


"MUSIC STATION 2 Hour Special"
Thank you, everybody who watched it!

Its theme was "Amazing Dance Songs"
and with formation dance in our arsenal,
we performed our song called "Ai no Gundan" !

Usually, the camera and so on is in front of the stage, but
we made good use of the overhead cameras

[BiSH] Ayuni D "I want to sing and dance with the real BiSH" (Interview translation)

Posted by Lurkette in Lurkette's things, 25 August 2016 · 1149 views

BiSH, who had a major debut under avex trax in May 2016, are invading the major music scene with Watanabe Junnosuke and Matsukuma Kenta, who have done this once before. They're currently in the middle of a national tour receiving rave reviews, and in preparation for a solo show a...

Results of the poll!

Posted by conanidol in ConanShimizu Blog, 25 August 2016 · 290 views
Poll, Hello! Project

Hi! It's me again.

Some weeks ago I created a poll about who is the most popular idol of Hello! Project this year, and, after a month (or so), the results are already known!

I uploaded the results on my blog, so please, visit http://conanshimizu....uien-es-tu.html

The post is in Spanish but it's pretty e...

What H!P is made of (08/2016)

Posted by Pyo-Kiyo in Pyo-Kiyo's Blog, 22 August 2016 · 185 views

Kids (6), Eggs (10), Kenshuusei (26), Outside (13)
2004 Debut: Tsugunaga Momoko
2005 Debut: Yajima Maimi / Nakajima Saki / Suzuki Airi / Okai Chisato / Hagiwara Mai
2006 Debut: Mitsui Aika
2009 Debut: Wada Ayaka
2011 Debut: Fukumura Mizuki / Ikuta Erina / Sayashi Riho / Nakanishi Kana / Takeuchi Akari / Katsuta Rina / Iikubo Haruna / Ishida A...

Top-10 2016

Posted by arwald in テルテル坊主の涙, 20 August 2016 · 229 views

About time to make up my mind on my current favourite idol ranking list, before I forget.

1. Kago Ai


Well, I must confess that she still has the 1st place only due to her brilliant past. To me she was near to perfect as an artist. I still support her to some degree (What? Really? Didn't you unfoll...

My 48Group CD Inventory

Posted by ShiningLight445 in ShiningLight445's Blog, 18 August 2016 · 97 views
48Group, CD, Inventory and 1 more...

This blog is a list of cd's from 48Group of those that I have, and those that I want :) Just so I have it here for quick reference.

CD's I Have

- UZA Type K
- Sayonara Crawl Type K (RE)
- Ue Kara Mariko Type K
- Koisuru Fortune Cookie Type B (LE)
- Bokutachi wa Tatakawanai Types A, B, C, D (RE)
-Tsubasa wa Iranai Types A, B, C (RE)...

Vote for the Artist you want to see perform at the 2020 Olympics in Japan!

Posted by minaeshi in Minaeshi's Blog, 10 August 2016 · 355 views

Decided to post this as a blog post rather than on a thread or a status so that it wouldn't fall out of the radar~

Siesta-tokyo are looking for artists to perform at the 2020 summer olympic games in japan, and have asked the public to vote on who they want to see perform in the opening and closing ceremony. I'm not sure whether this is an official poll f...

Fish Survey

Posted by chisafan in -= Fuku'16 Survey =-, 09 August 2016 · 455 views

Fuku'16 Survey Time :sotsugyou:

This time Fukuchan surveys Momusu members on their favorite fish. I have added information about the various fishes.



Makino Ooma Maguro
鮪 Tuna This red Bluefin tuna is a sus...

A dream come true?

Posted by Corrugo in A walk in the mind of Corrugo, 02 August 2016 · 302 views

I haven't had much of a reason to post on these anymore.. I usually just talk to Bruce or Mecum and quite frankly Brenda knows ALL of the things.

Aiyaa.. I've been wanting to post and write this stuff down for soo friggin' long but I haven't had a friggin' chance.

I always feel better and more.. expressed(?) when I post and or write my thoughts down so....

Guys, who are the rich brats of H!P?

Posted by aya-chii in randomness attack, 30 June 2016 · 784 views

I don’t know if this was ever a topic before, but please do give me a link if there is.

As far as I know, there is Maachan who lives in America previously and owns a private ranch somewhere in Hokkaido.

Mizuki who is quite about it but has rich girl-stories from members every now and then; and that her grandpa is a train maker.

Rinappu who is always se...

Morning Musume '16 cover group auditions!

Posted by JennyInTokyo in JennyInTokyo's Blog, 08 June 2016 · 805 views

Hi everyone!

I am holding auditions for my cover project StarSignProject for a color coded Morning Musume '16 group! Everyone will get equal lines and we would be releasing a new cover every month!! Each member will also have a rep of their favourite Morning Musume member for the videos. If you are interested in auditioning just comment here with the aud...

Koi Wa Magnet COVER

Posted by Naki-chan in Naki-chan's Blog, 08 June 2016 · 500 views
country girls, koi wa magnet

Triying to sing this lovely retro song:

MORNING MUSUME SOLO LINES~12th Generation~ *61st single update

Posted by ADRNEL in ADRNEL's Blog, 06 June 2016 · 1086 views

OGATA HARUNA 2014-present

Seishun Kozo ga Naiteiru
Yuugure wa Amaegari
Ima Koko Kara
Oh My Wish!
aa, ima no watashi ni, ittai nani ga dekiru?
demo, issho ni, kono kandou wo "kyouyuu" shitai.
Sukatto My Heart
Ima Sugu Tobikomu Yuuki
Kaze to Kataomoi
Endless Sky
One and Only
Utakata Saturday Night!
The Vision
da shi
Tokyo to...

love rainbow

Posted by sakshee in sakshee's Blog, 28 April 2016 · 267 views

love rainbow R A I N BO W
Rainbow (sometimes stylized as RAINBOW ; Korean : 레인보우 , Japanese : レインボー ) is a South Korean girl group formed in 2009 by DSP Media . The group consists of seven-members: Jaekyung , Woori , Hyuny...

R.I.P Maeda Ken (Ayaya Impersonator)

Posted by SFG in S.F.G -> Super Fine Girls, 26 April 2016 · 587 views

R.I.P Maeda Ken (Ayaya Impersonator) Felt like making this post because it was sad news and it was Hello! Project related.

On April 26th 2016 , Maeda Ken passed away due to heart failure. His heart stop on the 24th and was hospitalized until he passed away. He died at the age of 44.

Maeda Ken was a comedian and had his breakthrough doing an impersonation of Matsuura Aya . It is said news...

More Than Just a Fan

Posted by LiZZiE-chan in LiZZiE-chan's Blog, 25 April 2016 · 212 views
Ongaku, J-Pop, Super Fan, Weeaboo and 1 more...

:ongaku: Hey hey! My name is LiZZiE! I was introduced to J-Pop about a year or two ago, when I found out about Super Sentai and Kamen Rider. I immediately fell in love with these two shows (Shinkenger and Decade :wub: )!! That's when I heard about the KAMEN RIDER GIRLS. I fell in love with Kaori and her amazing voice! Sadly...she graduated a little after...

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