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Who I voted for in the Sousenkyo Elections 2015!

Posted by minaeshi in Minaeshi's Blog, 28 May 2015 · 51 views

I made another post on who I've decided to vote for in the elections, click here to check it out ^^

150528 I like it

Posted by sukibeam in Kaichou Corner, 28 May 2015 · 20 views
Ikuta Erina, blog

Good eveniiing (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡
It's Eripooon (///ˊㅿˋ///)


Regarding human emotions . . .
I don't get the order of things LOL

Eri has a structure that she likes . . .
I love sitting on the floor holding onto my knees (灬º 艸º灬)
I love tight spaces, and sitting in...

150528 (´-`).。oO Today is...?

Posted by sukibeam in 今日のどぅー, 28 May 2015 · 28 views
Kudo Haruka, blog


I've switched gears, and have begun throwing myself into practice o(`ω´ )o

However, I'm not through with yesterday's conversation. LOL

The set list! (Budokan)

***You can find this in the Gradation tour thread on here***

Haaaaaaard (」゚ロ゚)」

This time we also did the alternate songs:
Dokusenyoku ~YAH! Aishitai
Shouganai Yume Oibito

【Cover】Memory Seishun no Hikari

Posted by メロンパン in 天ぷら♡SOBA, 08 May 2015 · 115 views

So...finals ended last week.. and i suddenly went from having no free time to virtually all the free time in the world.
I saw some people on here post blogs singing covers of songs, and song covers seem like alot of fun ! So i thought id try one too to pass the time~

I messed up a few pronunciations, ごめんね!

PassCode - Now I know

Posted by dofphoto in dofphoto's Blog, 07 May 2015 · 93 views

PassCode - Now I know ラウドロックとEDMの要素を加えた個性的なサウンドが特徴の大阪発アイドルグループ PassCode。5月27日に2ndシングル『Now I Know』をリリースすることが決定した。

 PassCodeのすべての楽曲を手掛けるプロデューサー 平地孝次は、このシングルをリリースするにあたって「楽曲製作に対する自分の中のテーマがPassCodeが2年目になるにつれて、1年目に作っていたものとは少しずつ良い意味で違うものになってきたと思います。その中で「Now I know」は1番の自信作。」とコメント。

 PassCodeのお約束の“急な展開”となる箇所は少なめで、1stアルバム『ALL is VANITY』に収録されている「Seize the day!!」や「Link」のような“1曲を通してひとつの世界観...

Making videos out of video clips for dummies....I mean, me!!!

Posted by michikodesu in michikodesu's Blog, 07 May 2015 · 79 views

I have always thought of myself as technically savvy.....but as of late, I'm having problems just posting a stinkin' youtube video on the forums. It worked for me before, why isn't it working now?? :c11:

Anyway, I was watching a few videos on "Top 10 _______ anime choices" or whathaveyou. And I was thinking, I would love to do one of those videos.....bu...

The Charismatic Atsuko Inaba

Posted by mountainoluv in Happy lucky chance wonderland, 06 May 2015 · 95 views
Atsuko Inaba, Hello! Project and 3 more...

The Charismatic Atsuko Inaba Greetings! Happy Cinco de Mayo!

In this entry, I’d like to focus on a somewhat obscure member of Hello! Project: Atsuko Inaba. She is one of the oldest members of H!P, born in 1974. She was a member of a non-H!P group with five girls called Osaka Performance Doll from ’93 to ’96. Later, in ’99 she joined the new H!P group Taiyo to Ciscomoon, whose name w...

H!P ranking, after a long, long time

Posted by Torigoya in Torigoya's Hühnerstall, 05 May 2015 · 105 views


Long time no see! Well, my fault not yours. XD Lazy me.

I made a ranking today, and I thought I should share it and some of my thoughts.

1位   Ikuta Erina [No surprise here, I love Ikuta, no matter what.]
2位   Kudo Haruka [I liked her since her Egg days and I hope she will get more attention soon.]
3位   Tsugunaga Momoko [I used to hate Momo...

Urahara Cover-New star generation.

Posted by Naki-chan in Naki-chan's Blog, 29 April 2015 · 83 views

Hi! I'm Naki-chan!

I'm part of a cover group called New Star Generation , we do covers of Hello Project songs. I'm new, but I like a lot sing with them, and today is Athena's birthday, one of the members, so we did a special cover for her, it's Urahara from Buono!. I want to desire Happy Birthday for Athena O(≧▽≦)O

I hope you like it!. I'm HimeDaruma, r...

Shopping & Shipping for Japanese Goods - A Report of Personal Experience

Posted by Ady001 in Ady001's Blog, 29 April 2015 · 228 views

It all started about 4 months ago during Christmas.

It was a time when Christmas bonuses rein whims and I was no exception. I was under talks at that time with a local courier to reel in a planned 80 CD purchase (since I'm an avid JPop fan and CDs are my life.) Unfortunately, things did not go as planned, so I decided to purchase about half of that and d...

MM15's Gradation tour live in Fukuoka♡

Posted by 洋hiromi水 in Liebes Tagebuch..., 28 April 2015 · 154 views
morning musume 15, concert and 1 more...

Hey guys! :)
So, I'm back from Japan and I've been trying to find time to write this entry before I forget everything I wanted to write. Since many H!O members can't go to concerts and I myself like reading about other people's experiences too, I thought I'd share my own here and also add some pictures. ;)

The concert I went to was part MM15's Gradation...

New Gets! (April)

Posted by angelcytheria in warette-you, 23 April 2015 · 103 views
purchase, morning musume15 and 1 more...

(Typing this out for like the 3rd time bc itchy mouse either clicking backwards or another page)
So in April, I bought Morning Musume'15 Spring Tour Concert Gradation collection photos and their latest single.

I am big fan of getting things at random (to test my ////bad//// luck). I wanted to get the collection photos from prev concerts but never had to...

My cover of Mystery Night(Please click the whole entry button to see the video)

Posted by Mewchan in Mewchan's Blog, 21 April 2015 · 136 views

Wow it's been forever since I've last updated this blog. Anyways, this time I decided to sing Mystery Night by S/mileage. I just love this song!

Morning Musume.'15 member ranking

Posted by Juandalyn in Juandalyn's Blog, 20 April 2015 · 139 views
ranking, morning musume

I think I enjoy having a blog too much. Sorry for spamming. But hey I try to keep it relevant to H!O.
I know I do a lot of rankings, sorry for that. It's mostly for myself to keep track of the girls. My last MM-ranking was mid.June 2015. With the addition of 12ki and the spot left by Sayumi there is something new, but members also have moved in their ran...

How I got a close friend of mine to like Juice=Juice

Posted by ShiningLight445 in ShiningLight445's Blog, 08 April 2015 · 271 views
Juice=Juice, friend, follow, like and 1 more...

We all know that Juice=Juice released their single "Wonderful World/Ca Va Ca Va" on 4/8/15. That single of course features a rather French themed song, titled Ca Va Ca Va.

My close friend Claire, who is not a member here, loves anything with France. Mainly from a certain anime. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Anyway, she loves French things, as well as...

Recent thoughts.

Posted by t0mmy in trose380's Blog, 07 April 2015 · 251 views

I don't post often on this forum. It all seems so catty and stupid. But i have been on here since Morning Musume's 30th single Ambitious... Or maybe it was Aruiteru. one of the two. But i am gonna voice my opinion about some shit and yes. I like to cuss. There's the door if you don't like it.

This is in no particular order

Berryz Graduating...
It was a...

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Vivid : Progressive Ideological Cultural Commentary

Posted by PCC in PCC's Abyssal Depths Of Satanism :^D, 05 April 2015 · 281 views
gay, cigarette, lgbt and 1 more...

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Vivid : Progressive Ideological Cultural Commentary Reminder that same-sex marriage and the gheys is still illegal in most of asia, middle asia and euro-asia. If someone blogged this in Bangladesh, he would probably be hacked to death on the streets for hurting feelings.

℃-ute CD Giveaway~!

Posted by chia6 in chia6's blog, 02 April 2015 · 159 views
C-ute, Hello! Project

❤ ~ ❤ ~ ❤ ~ ❤ ~ ❤

I'm doing a little giveaway to celebrate 500 posts on my wordpress blog~


❤ ~ ❤ ~ ❤ ~ ❤ ~ ❤

I hate how Facebook shows everything

Posted by aya-chii in randomness attack, 27 March 2015 · 194 views

I got this professor, whom I have admired for the three years of my college. and so tonight, she finally accepted my friend request after two years (lol) *banzai!*

I told her I'll floodlike (just a tease). Since I was so thrilled about this event, I however, did began liking stuffs on her account that I wished I could have liked before. AND IT SHOWED ON...

Yuugure Ameagari English translation

Posted by Snipey in Life is precious (PUBLIC), 22 March 2015 · 151 views

誰にも見せたくない こんな涙顔は
I don't want to show these tears to anyone
It's only a journey, we won't be separated forever
though I know this...

新しい街並みは 私のこと受け入れてくれそう
This new place seems like it will accept me
because I have become stronger
The evening sky after it's rained
私の胸に希望の光 照らしてくれました
shines hope within my heart

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