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Morning Musume Birthday Songs

Posted by ADRNEL in ADRNEL's Blog, 10 July 2017 · 105 views

Get ready for some 1990s and early 2000s nostalgia.

Iikubo Haruna (November 7, 1994): I'll Make Love To You - Boyz II Men
Fukumura Mizuki (October 30, 1996): Macarena - Los Del Rio
Ishida Ayumi (January 7, 1997): Un-Break My Heart - Toni Braxton
Ikuta Erina (July 7, 1997): I'll Be Missing You - Puff Daddy & Faith Evans
Ogata Haruna (February...

“Resolution and pride as an idol” -- Murota Mizuki TopYell Interview

Posted by Lurkette in Lurkette's things, 09 July 2017 · 500 views

Seeking the honesty of today’s shining idols!

Right now, ANGERME is entertaining us as a group that embodies an aura of uniqueness, even among Hello!Pro acts. One reason for that may be the overwhelming personalities of each of the members. Maybe we could feel that intensity, as this magazine has conducted several individual interviews with ANGERME. Wada...

Japanese Pop Culture Throwbacks: 'Alternative' Idols of Yesteryear

Posted by Motifive in Motifive's Blog, 06 July 2017 · 296 views

By now you must be accustomed to seeing the phrase 'alternative idols' or 'niche idols' used by English speaking Japanese music and idol fans. The term started cropping up in the early 2010s with groups and it's been applied to groups who have a 'strange' concept that doesn't fit the norm. Most of these groups seem experimental and the fact that they do n...

Graduated and Promoted Members of 48Group - First 6 Months of 2017

Posted by ShiningLight445 in ShiningLight445's Blog, 01 July 2017 · 148 views
48G Graduations and 1 more...

This is a compilation of members from AKB48 , SKE48 , NMB48 , HKT48, NGT48 , STU48 JKT48 , BNK48 , Nogizaka46 and Keyakizaka46 , who have either been promoted or have graduated within the first 6 months of 2017. The following information is categorized by group. This is for easy access for knowledge of 48Group this half of the year.

This list...


Posted by PCC in PCC's Abyssal Depths Of Satanism :^D, 26 June 2017 · 94 views
miura, berserk, casca, moe and 2 more...

PPP Berserk is penis monsters now. Factchecked.

Empire strikes back: another group on a roll

Posted by goratnik in while(true)cout<<"<3";, 04 June 2017 · 203 views
Homma Hinata

Empire strikes back: another group on a roll I have been recently increasingly bothered by one small detail: I'm paying some attention to NGT48 for over a year already, but the group doesn't have any oshi, only commissioner (Yuki). Considering that HKT48 or even NGZ46 are doing worse despite having leaders, this is weird. While Yuki is for me sorta an elder archmage in the idol world, taking part in...

Perfume MIX

Posted by mountainoluv in Happy lucky chance wonderland, 25 May 2017 · 545 views
Perfume, Halcali and 4 more...

Perfume MIX I made a great discovery the other day. In the suggested videos column on YouTube, I noticed ‘Perfume Mix [46 songs].’ I was at work, doing something that didn’t require deep concentration. I had heard of Perfume before, and I was curious about their music. I clicked on the video, and I was glad I did!

The video was an hour and 31 minutes long. I really...

All shuffle groups from H!P Winter 2017 Kaleidoscope Color Coded

Posted by cjkuma in cjkuma's Blog, 24 May 2017 · 202 views

All color-coding by me
Lyrics from http://projecthello.com/index.html

Chocolate Damashii (Matsuura Aya)
Miyamoto Karin , Inoue Rei , Kishimoto Yumeno

kyonen no imagoro nante nanni mo nakutte
keitai kake makutte tomodachi to ne eiga wo mita
kazamuki kawatta no wa
ichigatsu no owari, kami yo suberi komi no

PUREZENTO wo arigatou desu yo


SANRAIZU ☼ FACTORY-We are looking for a Mao! [CLOSED]

Posted by Naki-chan in Naki-chan's Blog, 17 May 2017 · 322 views

SANRAIZU ☼ FACTORY-We are looking for a Mao! [CLOSED] There's still a spot available on Tsubaki Factory's GroupDub to cover Mao! If you are interested please contact me!

Mao render by: http://haro-renders.tumblr.com/

Tokyo Girls' Style FC Bus Tour to Shizuoka 2017

Posted by zeroyon in zeroyon's Blog, 08 May 2017 · 412 views
TGS, 東京女子流, Tokyo Girls Style

I went on a Fanclub Tour for Tokyo Girls' Style recently, and I thought I would write up a short report on how it went. Sorry if it doesn't go into a lot of detail... I had to work Saturday and Sunday, and haven't had much sleep..

On the morning of May 5th, all wotas assembled at Shin-Yokohama station at 7:30AM, and they divided us up into different buse...

Everybody's changing and I don't feel the same

Posted by Verilian in Lu Lu Lu, 30 March 2017 · 755 views
nostalgia, diary, graduations and 1 more...

Everybody's changing and I don't feel the same You've come a long way, and you can't go back

It's been two years since I've paid attention to H!P. No, not even. And sure, Kobushi Factory and Tsubaki Factory were kind of a thing in late 2015, but Tamura Meimi hadn't graduated. Riho had just left.

It's been a long time since I've paid attention to the idol world--new career direction, new relationsh...

170318 Opening Day of the Spring Tour

Posted by sukibeam in Paprika Pocchi, 20 March 2017 · 532 views
kaga, kaede, blog, translation


Good eveniiing!

It's Kaga Kaede.

The first day of the spring tour has finiiiiiished!!!

In the video where I was announced as a new member of Morning Musume., I said I have confidence in my stamina, however...

I thought I died LOL LOL.

It was such fun that I consequently ran around without much t...

"Reaching the Dream" Tribute to °C-ute [TRIBUTE PLAN]

Posted by EmCeePurpleMee_13 in Chuu!Sugoi!Idol, 19 March 2017 · 474 views
C-ute, disband, hello!project and 7 more...


Are you a fan of C-ute?

Do you want to be with Team C-ute?

It is now time to show our greatest love for C-ute before their disbandment!

Few mont...

original name -Ghibli- Sec.3

Posted by webcat in happy-clover, 31 December 2016 · 572 views

A belated Merry Christmas and on time Happy New Year!
This is my first of this year, and the last work
I would be happy if you enjoyed it
I hope you will have a wonderful year
Many thanks

original name -Ghibli- Sec.3

If this is necessary...

21 ALL THAT JAZZ - 君をのせて (starring 亀井絵里)
22 ALL THAT JAZZ - いつも何度でも (starring 紺野あさ美)
23 ALL THAT JAZZ - やさしさに包まれ...

Juice=Juice Christmas Events 18/12/2016

Posted by Kinjiru in Kinjiru's Blog, 20 December 2016 · 677 views

I went to the 2nd and 3rd Christmas Events and both events had the same structure and songs, but the first 'corner' (game) was different.

I walked into the first event not expecting too much, because I was in the 18th row, which is often so far from the stage that you can barely make out their faces. Shoved directly against the back of the middle 18th ro...

H!P & MM Data Google Doc Compendium Update

Posted by sukibeam in Melly-beam, 08 December 2016 · 885 views

Regulars are probably familiar by now with my massive Google Doc project. I've recently done a bit of an overhaul and separated some of the data sheets out into their own "doc" per say. All Hello! Project overarching data is contained to one, while MM-specific sheets are in another, and song/concert data is in another. Here is a list below, though they ar...

Kudo Haruka: “Stay-At-Home Wota Can Be In Haru-chan’s Adventure Squad Too!”

Posted by ailuromancie in ailuromancie's Blog, 08 December 2016 · 793 views
kudo, haruka, morning musume and 3 more...

Hello, pals! Below is a 2ch translation that originally went up on my new matome blog, Morning Matome . If you like reading wota's opinions on H!P shenanigans, I'll be posting translations (and some fansubs) on there from now on.

Links, if you want to be updated on every translation I ever do:
Morning Matome Facebook
Morning Matome Twitter

And now for...

Ignore this post :'v

Posted by ryochan95 in ryochan95's Blog, 05 December 2016 · 418 views

Just kidding, don't ignore me please :'v hahahaha






This is not a Hello Project, Idol or Japanese music related post,

I am starting to study music production

And I have a friend that sings [at least to me] beautiful *even though he's a bit lack of confidence hahaha*

So I proposed to him to uplo...


Posted by XxShadowYankiixX in LivingDeadDollie, 28 November 2016 · 353 views

I've been writing this fanfiction for some time now and I decided to start over. I got a negative review on it, and I was butthurt at first to be honest with you. I ended up starting over because that reviewer made some solid points. Honestly, people (including me) need to know when you start writing fanfiction you have to expect some type of criticism. I...

Do you know some fanfictions? JUST H!P

Posted by triquelme483 in Fanfictions., 26 November 2016 · 695 views
fanfic, morning musume and 1 more...

Do you know some fanfictions? JUST H!P HIII.

The other day, i read some fanfictions (in spanish) and not all are goods.

Nobody know some really goods to read?

I have one fanfiction (MaaDuu) but i still working in them...


If you know some, please tell me :D

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