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Entries in October 2017
12 Oct Team Syachihoko blog translations 2017.10.12 0 Comments
06 Oct Team Syachihoko Blog Translations 2017.10.05 0 Comments
Entries in September 2017
27 Sep Team Syachihoko blog translations 2017.09.27 0 Comments
26 Sep RUKA (LSN)×Cent Chihiro Chitti (BiSH)×Watanabe Junnosuke Discuss Insane Event "CHAOS PARTY" (Part 2) 3 Comments
Entries in July 2017
09 Jul “Resolution and pride as an idol” -- Murota Mizuki TopYell Interview 6 Comments
03 Jul RUKA (LSN)×Cent Chihiro Chitti (BiSH)×Watanabe Junnosuke Discuss Insane Event "CHAOS PARTY" (Part 1) 1 Comments
Entries in February 2017
05 Feb [GANG PARADE] Terashima Yuuka's first interview: "I'll die someday, but I don't want live complicit in that fact." 1 Comments
Entries in August 2016
25 Aug [BiSH] Ayuni D "I want to sing and dance with the real BiSH" (Interview translation) 2 Comments
Entries in June 2016
01 Jun BiSH Fake Metal Jacket Interview with natalie.mu 2 Comments
Entries in April 2016
03 Apr [Translation] BiSH Episode 20 LiNGLiNG "I want to do explosive things and shake up the world" 2 Comments
Entries in February 2016
10 Feb [Translation] Andou Yuzu Indefinite Hiatus: Announcements and Reactions 5 Comments
02 Feb [Translation] Takemura Miu's year in review 1 Comments
02 Feb Open for translation requests 5 Comments
01 Feb BiSH "FAKE METAL JACKET" Interview: Hug Me 6 Comments
Entries in September 2015
25 Sep [Interview translation] BiSH Episode 13 LingLing "I've come this far not knowing how it will turn out, so I feel like I will be fine no matter what." 1 Comments
06 Sep [Interview Translation] BiSH Episode12 Hashiyasume Atsuko's first interview "They said, 'It felt like you jumped out of Kiyomizudera so you pass'" 6 Comments
05 Sep [Interview translation] BiSH Episode 7 Sentochihiro Chicchi's first interview "I want to be center, I'd be happier if I got a lot of singing parts" 0 Comments
02 Sep [Interview Translation] BiSH~ Episode 6, Aina The End's first interview "I wanted to find some music that wouldn't be complete without my voice" 0 Comments
01 Sep [Interview translation] BiSH~Rock'n Roll Swindle~Episode 5 Momoko Gumi Company's first interview "I don't want to be like groups that are just cute" 1 Comments
Entries in August 2015
30 Aug [Interview translation] BiSH~Rock'n Roll Swindle~ーーEpisode 4 Hug Me's first interview, "I want to increase the total number of idol otaku" 0 Comments
26 Aug [Interview translation] BiSH~Rock'n Roll Swindle~ Can the knockoff surpass the original?!ーーEpisode 2 BiSH's first interview (Part 2)!! 0 Comments
25 Aug [Interview translation] BiSH~Rock'n Roll Swindle~ Can the knockoff surpass the original?!ーーEpisode 1 BiSH's first interview (Part 1)!! 1 Comments
19 Aug [Interview translation] BiSH~Rock'n Roll Swindle~ Can the knockoff surpass the original?!ーーEpisode 0 Watanabe Junnosuke Interview 6 Comments
Entries in July 2014
04 Jul "Natsu Mayumi: The caretaker who raised MoMusu and AKB tells all! The nature of a top idol is?!" 6 Comments
Entries in March 2014
12 Mar Interview: S/mileage in the Original Photobook Produce Battle 8 Comments
09 Mar On the subject of Takeuchi Akari-chan's hands looking like that of a manual laborer 8 Comments
Entries in February 2014
19 Feb Why did none of you tell me that Kananan had gotten so cute? 6 Comments
16 Feb The number of 2ch residents who saw Hello!Sta and thought Tamura MeiMei was cute→ 2 Comments
13 Feb "An announcement regarding S/mileage's Fukuda Kanon" 8 Comments
11 Feb The boy in the seat next to Tamura MeiMei was mean to her 6 Comments
07 Feb [Kosuga Fuyuka] Wada Ayacho "I definitely don't want new members in S/mileage. The current 6 are the best." [Bye-bye] 6 Comments
05 Feb I went to today's Hello!Con and S/mileage was the peak of excitement 5 Comments
Entries in January 2014
30 Jan Bakuwara's DVD is out lolololololololol 4 Comments
25 Jan After a long time, S/m's Ee ka!? is a really great song 3 Comments
20 Jan Songs we want Katsuta Rinapuu to sing at HinaFest 8 Comments
18 Jan S/mileage 7-shot group photo event, drawing event, and 15th single handshake event at Tokyo Seinenkan Hall 1 Comments
15 Jan Maro joking around too much 4 Comments
13 Jan Do you think S/mileage and Juice=Juice will get new members? 8 Comments
10 Jan It might be bad to say, but it's weird how Chinami and Ayacho have no sense of singing 4 Comments
08 Jan Rejoice, Takeuchi Akari's first kiss 5 Comments
05 Jan Fukuda Maro's message of encouragement to Juice=Juice 0 Comments
01 Jan S/mileage scores a record high with #3 on the Oricon Weekly Chart! 2 Comments
Entries in December 2013
30 Dec Wada: I don't understand how someone can be sad seeing couples on Christmas. Tamura: I don't know, Christmas is a day to spend with family. 1 Comments
29 Dec [New Member Entry] There's something happening to S/mileage tomorrow!!!!!!!!!! [Kaneko?] 0 Comments
25 Dec Guess the song by the picture: S/mileage and C-ute edition 1 Comments
24 Dec Let's decide the cutest costume ever in H!P history! 7 Comments
22 Dec S/mileage's nation-wide tour is here ━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━!! 1 Comments
20 Dec Fukuda Maro "I fell asleep in the bath and it went up to 45 degrees!" 3 Comments
20 Dec Tamura MeiMei "When I was 2 or 3 I put ham in the CD player and broke it." 2 Comments
18 Dec Katsuta Bakuwara: "My hometown is Tokyo (lol)" and "I went to a concert with my friends." 3 Comments