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My new YouTube channel.

Posted by Snipey, 07 February 2016 · 348 views

So some of you might know me as xSniperx or Morningirls (don't ask... XD) on YouTube but idk I haven't really had much inspiration to make any new videos or opvs.
Not that I won't in the future, because my channels were made to promote MM especially in JPN which is why I have a lot of platinuma era videos on there XD.

Anywhoo what I'm trying to say is that I've moved on...kinda...since I also enjoy playing games, I have started my own gaming channel.
I started it around Dec 2015 but have only recently of the past month been actively uploading videos.

A lot of them are just a bunch of silly montages or gameplay with commentary, but if you like watching funny gaming videos with less profanity or rated r stuff, then please do check it out.
I'd appreciate it if you could possibly subscribe and share the channel...perhaps those that were subbed to my old channels sub to this one too. >.<; XD

I mainly play BO3, Fallout and GTA V, but I am planning to get a few more games like SFV, AC: Unity/Syndicate as well as playing a few old ps3 games.

So yeah here's the link and thank you!

P.S: I'll post blog updates on my new uploads so do follow this space.

I just watched your Lunatic Fringe video and omg that was the funniest gaming video i've ever seen lol. You should do live streams it would be hilarious ^^; 


I'll subscribe to you, my user is imminae! 

Awww thank you so much. I do live streams but not with a camera, still a little shy on that oart. But thank you so much and a videi is coming out in a few hours.

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