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Done it again. RAMBLING

Posted by Snipey, 22 March 2013 · 659 views

Sorry for those who get sick and tired of me updating whenever I should be doing some work, but I find that procrastinating and writing about random stuff actually helps the creative juices to flow. Wait how the hell does procrastination help? ....

Well I suppose I should tell you about the assignment that I should be doing; it's a three part essay, each topic relating to the history of the writing system and how it has evolved as well as the different types of theories and technological aspects of how language can be seen in different ways.

I have all the notes and I know what I need to write about, yet the trouble is how should I go about with this?
I was actually talking to my cousin about it and as some people say it is good to sometimes bounce ideas off from one another in order to be able to understand what it is you are trying to write about, thankfully he has helped me a little, but I suppose I get distracted a little easily, what with being on the internet and all.

So I find myself here on H!O, once again.


I actually can't believe this is my final year at uni, most of the assignments...wait all of my assignments have been done either the night before or during the actual date of submission. Hey, I guess I also like to live my life dangerously ;) ey?...no?...okay. >.>

I was actually thinking of something pretty random today and that is how much JYJ remind me of Morning Musume. Of course they're both on completely different levels to one another, but since the legal settlement that JYJ had to go through with SMent, (for three years) they have finally won their case this year but the trouble is, during those three years, not once were they allowed to be on telly. Their own country was against them just because of the dispute with their previous company, many producers thought it would be bad publicity and that it would cause uproar with fans (when we all know that is complete bull). They weren't and have still not appeared on any variety shows, and even when they were - they would get cancelled. Even though their album topped the charts, even though they are one of Asia's top male group, they have still not been able to perform their own songs in their own country. So much so that they instead went for a World Tour - becoming the first Korean artists to perform in South America, as always being the top artists for the Hallyu wave, they paved the way for other Kpop stars to perform in the Americas.

How does Morning Musume come into this, well while I would say that MM aren't as popular as these guys, they have however been on the top five oricon for many years (apart from Mikan) and have performed some pretty good songs. I would say 2011 was their breakthrough (for latest gen towards post-Ai) with Only You and Kono Chikyuu and then came in the awesome (minus PPU) 2012 songs. The group was and has still not been acknowledge for their amazing performances and strong sales for the past two and a half years. Why is it that they haven't been called to the top shows? How else will people know about the new morning musume generation when all everyone can think about is the OGs. UFP doesn't really help either, they want people to know more about them, yet they hardly give them a decent show where they can show themselves off. Many people go on about a conspiracy surrounding Dentsu and how they are stopping MM from coming on shows. Well if Dentsu has been doing that, why did they not do that during the Golden era (was Dentsu even created then?).

I also find that the relation between both groups is that they are providing stuff for their fans and promoting more via YouTube and the SNS/online Media as it is difficult for them to appear on the top shows.

This is something that has irked me for a while, whether you share this thought or not, do let me know what you think.

Listening to WEAVER's Hard to Say I Love You

I heard this song from the drama Sunao ni Narinakute. A very sad and almost infuriating drama that reveals the many dark corners of society, through work and business relations to just sick minded people. I actually couldn't watch the whole series as it just annoyed me at how the main characters were treated. For those of you who would like to watch it and know more about it, it's about five people who get to know each other first through SNS Twitter, how their relationships grow and break, as well as what they do for one another. Although I couldn't watch it all, I will say that is a great drama, full of that seinen (mature) + slice of life type drama feel to it. I also think it's great because it made me feel many different emotions, for me I think something has value when it moves me in different ways. Do check it out guys.

With that, I am now going to do my work.

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