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Tsunku's comments about MM's new single. PART1

Posted by Snipey, 13 March 2013 · 927 views

Reading my last few posts, I have realised that I always tend to update my blog when I have a deadline for an assignment coming up. XD

Oh why do I do this to myself.

Anyway, back to what I really wanted to mention, since Morning Musume's new songs have been out, Tsunku has given his 2 pennies (very long) about the singles, songs, members etc.

Bear in mind my Japanese isn't great so this is just a rough translation, but you'll get the jist of it right? : )
<This took forever to do XD>

Morning Musume's new single releasing 4/17, Brainstorming and Kimi Sae Ireba...

This is Morning Musume's 53rd single!

With this single, Tanaka Reina will be graduating.
As it's her last, I thought of making an appropriate single, so I created the double side.
There are also main types of coupling songs, so please do enjoy them!

This song made its first appearance with the loose shot version that was
uploaded on YouTube.

With intense feeling of the dance, it has an impression that the song is a
NO.1 BEAT type of song.
This song will definitely fire you up at a live concert.

The dance also has some great moves from the previous
The choreographer was YOSHIKO-sensei.

As two songs were released together, sensei kept changing between [the dances] in each song.
During this time, Morning Musume had to come in for even the smallest matters with YOSHIKO-sensei,
in order to better the dance. Both parties did their best in producing this.

During the intense parts in Brainstorming, where they do the formation of spreading out (the part which is during the first line},
something was strange at first, so YOSHIKO-sensei called the girls many times for meetings. This was done more for Brainstorming then Kimi Sae.

The theme for this dance was "Watch this dance that is done by the dancing human" [I hope that is correct ^ ^ ;]

With that said, Sayashi and Ishida's dance was flourishing right?

The title is Brainstorming, for the benefit of today's Japan to move forward, for everyone to put their heads together and gather wisdom whilst also somehow ridding ourselves of any confusion!
For this desire, I have used this as the title. I was going to use "BureSuto" as an abbreviation, even though it was okay
in the end Brainstorming was better.

I wouldn't just call it a "positive" song, I also based this on the many wishes of the members, as our everyday effort, as well as being a Japanese person
hoping to rid ourselves of any bad kind of humility, to take each step seriously, and lastly as a success story to create a personal experience of a piercing success. Is what I got from as "A good thing has happened."

「Kimi Sae Ireba...」
It's most certainely a song about love.
However, it is a love song for humanity and can be sung universally {perhaps meaning can be for anything and not just "love"}
The idea behind it is that everyone's daily life is more dramatic or can be more dramatic than a tv drama.
When we are in trouble or a disaster happens, we maye have ups and downs and even lose people.

When something scary happens, we tend to embrace our lovers, but we may also do the same
with our family members or friends. Please do look out for that image. Of course, the change of positions of the members
are also pretty good.

The capital principle of Japan is about "freedom".
Though we live within many different rules.
There are many points which make us think, "what is freedom?"

Something like this is often thought between student and teacher. {In a school enviornment}

But then as an adult you think "there are also these things", or "not doing what is told", is a way of living by contradicting the world/age that we live in. {I hope that's what he meant, but I suppose it's something like being a non-conformist}

To the extent of saying things such as "why is this bad" and "why can't I do this" with an innocent heart.

This song is Morning Musume's pure way of calling out that "If you're with me,
I don't need anything/anyone."
"If there is no freedom, you're with me...."

No matter what absurdity that occurs, the sun is always watchng over us.
This is life's blessing. With this [message] given to the members, the production was created.
Sending this to the members, allowing them to understand this,
sing this so that you can hand this [message] over to the world.

The melody changes in small quantities, the A-melody has a sort of mysterious theme to it.

The feeling that the song has during the hook is as thoug the room spreads out with a mysterious feeling. The image is that of the space within the universe, with this expression I had this feeling.

Now, to the dance.
Up until now the dance was of spreading out, this had the image of turning
the pages of a book.
The dance again is like space.
The formation during the cross is like the universe {Wow I like that way of fthinking Tsunku}
The last scene during the hook is like a swan washing herself during the morning sun.
This is the image that I have of playing around with simple ideas.

I would definitely like a group of 11 people to try this dance out.
The choreographer was YOSHIKO-sensei.

「A B C D E-cha E-chA shitai」
Is a 11 membered song.

As it's quite a trivial song, the members take their turn for their entrance.
During this part, the songs character is quite strong.

It has the feeling of the early days of love, to a bit of entering into the middle phase.
It's more of a HOT and lovey-dovey romance, kind of love song.

Dance music is quite a strong factor, so it will fire you up during the lives.
The dance moves are cute and cool, please do love it!

"DO"'s part is quite cool, Kudo fans please do enjoy it!

Tokimeku tokimeku
It's a Michishige, Fukumura, Ikuta, Ikubo and Ishida song.
Taking Reina out as she will be graduating, this is a senior high school group.

There's no mistaking that the dance will fire you up.
It's a song that makes you want to have that feeling
of living strongly in your everyday lonely life.
When you're not good at anything
and see other's doing well in society,
it can be quite lonely, but the as for the mood it has a positive sense of feeling!

I stopped up to where he talks about Michishige, I might carry this on afterwards, it's quite long and I am tired. XD

Thank you so much for this! I love reading about Tsunku's thoughts about his songs.

Thank you so much !! Been waiting for a translation for this post ! Thanks a billion !! (: 

Thanks a lot :)

Thank you :) that was really interesting! 

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