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Aika's graduation

Posted by Snipey, 04 May 2012 · 557 views

Wow just came online and saw the announcement.

Hmm for me personally Aika never really impacted me like many of the other members, I guess I never really saw her shine or the fact that she wasn't given much of a chance, seeing how she was really good in her auditions I hoped that she was one of the members pushed during singles. For me she was always that cute member, that cute cuddly puppy.

But even so, I feel bad that she's had to endure what she has. She's been away from the group activities for more than a year, not only that but she did not get a chance to perform amongst MM when Ai graduated even if she did appear for a bit, but seeing as Ai was one of her loved seniors it must've upset her.

Now that she will be graduating alongside Gaki-san, of course there will be those who would have wished for it to just be a day for Gaki-san, I can understand that seeing as she's been in the group the longest and how Gaki-san is probably my current biased, but this is something that cannot be prolonged, a members health is important and having to put her on the sidelines and make her wait for an Autumn grad concert would just be stupid.

I'm glad she is graduating with her senior, I hope she will be remembered as a level-headed member.

We may not have seen much of her within morning musume but surely "backstage", the other members have praised her highly for her responsible attitude, her kindness and thoughtfulness.

Aika - congratulations on graduating.

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