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Too many things, too little time

Posted by Snipey, 24 November 2011 · 337 views

Lately I feel like I haven't had enough time to do things.

It's not like I'm not organised...ah well actually I'm never organised but it's not that.
Sometimes when I try to do my work, I just can't seem to start and by the time it's midnight or 1am that's when my creative juices start flowing.
By the time I'm done it's at least 5 or 6am and I've lost all my sleep just because of that, having to wake up in the morning is a chore. I've missed 3 lessons of one of my classes, I just made an excuse saying I wasn't feeling so well seeing as "I slept in" doesn't sound so good.

Right now 'm trying to do an assignment which was given 2 months ago, and now I'm starting it 2 days before the deadline! I could just slap myself you know and to top it off I have to hand in another next week which I also haven't started.

I suppose one reason could be is I don't have any space to do my work. Normally one would have their own bedroom, own desk and space but me no I have to share a bedroom with my sisters. Yes plural!
We have a computer/study room but my parents are always walking in and out of there and because of that I'm always doing my work at night whilst everyone is asleep. Sure staying late seems fun, not anymore. It really does put a strain on you, bags under my eyes, bad skin and always feeling tired.

So that's the uni work I have to do.

Now to my painting, I bought come canvases and paint supplies during the summer. Yes summer which was months ago, but again like I said no space for me to do any work so I've had to postpone it. Seeing as working with paint you'll need to be in a ventilated place, I do have one or two places but it's just not enough. I'm always wanting to take up making jewellery but again I feel like I will just buy thestuff and not do anything.

Haha, funny with all this going I only have the time to play computer games.

Finished watching Boardwalk Empire ep 9. I should be working, I am so bad ......

While am at the distraction stage, mught as well make myself a new set.

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