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H!P & MM Data Google Doc Compendium Update

Posted by sukibeam, 08 December 2016 · 1139 views

Regulars are probably familiar by now with my massive Google Doc project. I've recently done a bit of an overhaul and separated some of the data sheets out into their own "doc" per say. All Hello! Project overarching data is contained to one, while MM-specific sheets are in another, and song/concert data is in another. Here is a list below, though they are all linked to one another via an Introduction tab in each doc.

And now to the meat of this post.

Within the last week, I also decided to create an "Eras" sheet for Morning Musume. I have a disclaimer on that page, but I wanted to make it clear here as well: these very much reflect my own subjective view of MM's history. Others will likely feel different on the time-span of certain eras, like saying the Golden Era lasted until 6th gen's addition. Similarly, some might claim the Colorful Era started with 10th gen's addition when most every color was represented again. In any case, please realize there is no science to when a particular era began or ended.

I wanted to create this sheet because, more and more, I see people asking "when exactly was the Golden Era?" or other synonymous questions. These are merely generalizations to help newer fans know which era a member is primarily associated with and what it was noted for. While many of the OG members were present during the Golden Era, people always associate them first with MM's roots and the endless soundclip of Morning Coffee's "whoo!". Yoshizawa's tenure was mostly in the Eclipse Era, but when she graduated everyone noted the departure of "the last Golden Era member"... much like Michishige lead the Colorful Era but was "the last Platinum Musume" to leave. I feel 13th gen's addition is about to usher Morning Musume into a new era, but the current lineup will always remain Colorful Era girls to current fans.

I also wanted to see how tenure varied based on era rather than generation. Right now I have an additional column with the shortest and longest tenures, but I am planning to fill these out with each era member's tenure. I may add more in the future to reflect ages, since everyone like to use that to base their predictions on future graduations.


Anyhow, feel free to leave any comments or suggestions below. I work on the Compendium when I can and am pretty much always tweaking something. I've been switching over to formulas that automatically update and do counts / YMD data, so many calculated items will always be up to date.

One final note: I have prepared some space for the upcoming 13ki announcement. I have added 4 spaces in most places, but this - by no means - indicates there will definitely be 4 members. I'm not privy to any insider information :lol:

Whoa thanks for this its so awesome! i especially love the MM era sheet, you did it perfectly! 

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