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Buono! Review.

Posted by Welniuke, 29 May 2010 · 145 views

Posted Image 1.Momoko Tsugunaga I think it's not a surprise to see Momo in the first place. I mean who could say no to her? She's very kawaii, pretty, she can sing and dance very good, isn't that the dream idol of everyone?? Well I personally can't find anything to hate about her(well some people hate her for her over board cuteness) but I think she's perfect! She dances incredibly and puts very much effort and energy in her dancing and to her singing! She's the hardest worker in Buono! and Berryz. So there is no question that she should be in the first place. Also I heard that she's going to university and also continue her idol carrier. So I really respect her for that and wish her luck!

Posted Image 2. Airi Suzuki Well I'm not a big fan of Airi and I did hesitate whether to put Miya or Airi in the second place. I put Airi in the second place because she gets more lines in Buono! (I know that she always gets a lot of lines in C-ute but I don't really listen to it so...). I think that Airi tries sometimes to hard to be Kawaii. Course she already is but not that much as Momo(admit it Momo's just way too cute for someone to compete with her!). Though Airi is very pretty and has a good singing voice I wouldn't really say that her dancing matches up to her singing as much. I don't say she sucks at dancing but she needs to work a little bit harder on her dancing.

Posted Image 3.Miyabi Natsuyaki. I feel really sad for putting her the last but if not her looks she wouldn't be that popular. I don't mean to say that she's a more popular idol in Berryz only for being pretty. It's just that she doesn't seem to have an incredible dancing or singing skills. Though they're very good! But they're just not enough. They're normal. Her singing is pretty normal and decent but she does need to work at least a little bit harder(but not to hard) on her voice. And her dancing is kinda like the same as the others(nothing special) because she doesn't put enough energy into them. Though if she weren't that pretty(I mean she really is gorgeous) she wouldn't be this popular. She would be normal like Yurina. Though still I like Miya more than Airi but judging by they're dancing and singing skills(her voice is really beautiful) and by lines given to them in songs she's just a little bit lesser(not that much effort) than Airi.

So these are my thoughts on Buono!. Please don't hate me for what I wrote, I just shared my personal opinions. I may be wrong(totally wrong) but that's how I see it.

lol..for me.,,,its

1.) miya
2.) airi
3.) momo

:lol: ~
Momo first O_O
I think like this:
1. Airi
2. Airi!
3. AIRI!!!XD

Momo first O_O
I think like this:
1. Airi
2. Airi!
3. AIRI!!!XD

Well everyone thinks differently. I actually don't like Airi(I think she's an amazing singer and a good dancer but I just don't like her). And Miya's just too simple for me so that's why I thought of Momo ;D
1) Miya
2) Momo
3) Airi


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