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Help Me Out, Wise H!P Fans...

Posted by Ian905, in S/mileage, Collection 28 January 2011 · 136 views

I'm in a conundrum. S/mileage is releasing their new single Short Cut soon, and I'm hyped. I love the song and the b-side (Tanpopo's my shit) and I even cut my hair in honor of the song's theme. I needed a hair cut anyways, and at the time I had planned to get one I thought that by Short Cut they meant like taking the back alley way, but I digress.

I was so hyped that I thought "Hey, I've got some spare change lying around. Why don't I buy the single this time instead of downloading it?"

My plan was completely pure and innocent. Just buy the single. I was so young and naive.

I'm already to purchase it from Yes!Asia, when I find out I have to send some money through to my PayPal. Fine. I'll wait. As I waited however, I read a review of a different product that someone had bought from CDJapan.

Apparently, CD Japan pisses all over YesAsia. They have better packaging, their shipping is faster, and the clincher:

They include an S/mileage poster.

I want that poster. I don't want that crappy little mini toy YesAsia's trying to dump on me. I want that poster. But YesAsia is cheaper than CDJapan, so I really need something to boast me in either favor.

So, those of you with experience, what would YOU recommend?

how big is the price difference?
if it's less than 1000 yen,
then i'd totally go for CD japan XD
posters (on yesasia) are normally ~10.99USD anyways :P
CDJapan usually has a "external item" they package with the item you have bought, kinda like a thank you for shopping at our site! The mini capusle toys YesAsia throws in are really nothing special, I have a ton of them just lying around lol.
I personally only use YesAsia for movies and idol related things I wouldn't normally be able to get a CDJapan, so in short I would pick CDJapan over NoAsia any day.
CD Japan is better. Don't be lured by the cheap prices of YesAsia. XD

If I were to buy a single, I would go to HMV. It's in Japanese but just click the "English" button on the top right corner of the home page.
If it's any help.... I usually buy 2 of the same version. One to open/use. The other just to keep it as a collection. and if my friends want to borrow them, i don't have to worry about damaging it....

so, if you're okay of having the same item, i say the poster is worth it....
Depends on the price difference? If it's something you'd pay for the poster, I'd say go for it XD

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