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Hello! Project Kids Relationship Map .... and plus two other people

Posted by jinryuichi, 16 May 2007 · 1077 views

Hi, long time no see, long time no blog.............. Hope you are well? (:P)v

Found this from ........ somewhere.
The Hello! Project 2007 relationship map - Berryz Koubou, C-ute, Kusumi Koharu and Mitsui Aika.
If you can't read the kanji characters, think of it like this:
blue lines = positive relationship
black lines = neutral relationship
red lines = negative relationship
Posted Image

Ack! I didn't know Chinami and Momoko were enemies. In fact, there ain't no positive relationship with Momoko at all.
And poor Mittsi doesn't seem to have any friends yet. Welp, she's still new, things will change. :D
And the Miss Congeniality award goes to Kanna-chan.

interesting post.. i dont really pay as much attention to berryz as i do other groups, but just watching momoko i got the feeling that no one liked her for some reason... :o

i wonder how a map of the whole H!P would look like. THAT would be tough XD
Wow, no one likes Mittsi! Well, she hasn't been around for a while, so I guess she has time to make new friends!
I also find it amusing that a lot of people don't like Momoko.
Poor Mittsu XD Feel sorry for her.

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