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Watch Code Geass!

Posted by jinryuichi, 29 April 2007 · 384 views

I recommend this anime --> Code Geass. The character design is by CLAMP, of Chobits and xxxHolic fame.

It's 2010, (that's a couple years away) and the world is dominated by Britannia Empire, the last major force on the Earth. They sought to conquer and colonize the last remaining country - Japan, and they succeeded with hordes of mecha robots that overpowered Japan's tanks and foot soldiers. The country is given a new name - Area 11. The Japanese inhabitants are then given the name "Elevens" while the new colonies are called "Britanians". From then on, Britanians live as first-class citizens, and places like Tokyo and Kyoto turn into slums and ghettos.

A young chap named Lelouch bore witness to all this, and vowed to crush the Empire, and by chance he is granted a God-like power through a "contract" called Geass to assist him - an ability that upon activation, any human that come into eye-contact with him will obey his commands with absolute obedience. However, it has certain rules and limitations to its power for it to work. With this power and his high IQ, he starts a war of tactical warfare and psychological battle with the Empire to the death, for justice and creation of a better world. Sounds like Death Note eh? :P

So if you enjoy Death Note, and mecha-animes like Gundam and Macross, you'll enjoy this one. But it's more than that...

I find the whole combination of various topics like rebellion, global genocide, philosophical ideas, measurements of morality... etc. really interesting and thought provoking at the same time. Not as thought-provoking like other anime works that I have previously watched, but it keeps you anticipating in suspense, wondering what will happen next.

There are a lot of mecha-terminology and warfare codes used, so if you are not a long time mecha-anime fan and you watch without subtitles (be it English or Japanese) you may get confused.

Production-wise, great animation and character designs. Who is a better costume and character designer in Medieval and Gothic themes, than CLAMP themselves? The mechas remind me of Evangalions, but their weapons are unique. The background drawings is great too. ALSO...... my sister, currently living in Japan, is also involved in this anime. She joined the animation team from episode 6 onwards. Man I am SO proud of her! XD

So watch it! You won't be disappointed. I'm a gonna check if the DVDs are sold in the stores yet.


The full Season 1 (full subbed) is uploaded here -->

Season 2 has already started, but not uploaded/subbed yet.

For more information -->

For spoilers... here's a fan blog where you can find full synopsis for all 23 episodes.

Click on "next page" for the previous episodes.

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