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My first blog in 3 months~

Posted by MM=Happiness, 15 February 2010 · 91 views

Ohhhhhhh~~ wow~~
3 months since my last blog and I still don't know what to talk about.
Maybe it's because every time something interesting happens to me I just tweet about it right then and there.
Maybe I should hold off on doing that so I can blog every now and then.
I envy those who can blog constantly tho...
Like Sayu~
Oh! MY! GOODNESS!! can that girl blog or what?!
I'm gone from my laptop for not even a day and she has like 6 updates!!
I'm just like "how does she do it?!"
...well, she probably has a more interesting life than I do so it might be easy for her.
but still, she amazes me.

Today for work I had to decorate this huuuuuuge ballroom for some Father Daughter dance.
First I had to be at work at 9am and blow up over 600 balloons and make a balloon arch by 1pm.
Now, unless you have experience with blowing up balloons then you have no idea how exhausting this could be.
(Especially if you've got a major hangover :D )
So, being tired and drained from the night before and standing up for 4 hours, my body started to ache T__T
Then once I finished blowing up the the balloons I had to deliver them to the ballroom.
Once there, I had to make 80 balloon bouquets for 80 tables.
Then after that I tied 50 small bouquets to railings and poles....
I'm just ....tired -_-
A nice hot bath sounds so good right now.
Too bad I don't have a tub XD

Right now I'm watching my sister play call of duty for ps3.
Her and my brother never let me play because they know I suck :GGRR:
But it's not my fault because they never let me play right?!

I'm thinking about cutting my hair short sometime this week.
Most of my friends have tried it in the past and it all turned out great for them.
and now that Gaki has gone and done it, it kinda makes me want to do it even more XD
I'm really nervous about it tho cuz I haven't had short hair since like the 5th grade.
But I've pretty much already made my decision about it.
Here's my before pic.
Posted Image

I'll post up my after pic after I...well, you know. :c03:

Thanks for reading!

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