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Where should I go?

Posted by MM=Happiness, 29 October 2009 · 99 views

Ever since I came back from AX I've had this travel bug embedded in my body, eating away at my desire to travel somewhere else.
But the problem is, I can't decided where I want to go.
For sure, someday I want to travel to Japan, but I think since I haven't even traveled around the US much, I should get that out of my system first before any major major travel.
Next month is black friday and my friend wants me to go with her to the mall of America so I'm planning to go up there that weekend.
But it just doesn't satisfy my travel urges and I've already been there before. I mean, it's only a 3 hour drive and I could be there and back in one day.
I guess I'm looking for a place that would make it seem like I'm more on vacation.
Florida is a good place, but again, I've already been there a few times and I plan to go back again sometime in 2011.
So no Florida for now.
In March of next year, I plan to go to Seattle with my sister. That seems like it'll be a lot of fun.
It's a place I've never been before, and I hear the seafood is freakin delicious~ :)
But other than those places...
Where is there another awesome place to travel to in the US?
I would love to hear any suggestions.
I'm willing to go anywhere if they have good food. :)
I really like sightseeing too, so if you got something cool for me to see then please share! XD
I'd even be cool with meeting up with some fellow H!O members and seeing what they go in their hometown. XD

It's raining here so I hope you all have a better day than I'm having! lol

def hawaii, gorgeous beaches so many things to do and see.
surfing of all kinds with scuba diving. and active volcano hikes.
fresh seafood.

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