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Who likes curry? I DO!!!

Posted by MM=Happiness, 21 October 2009 · 94 views

Today I woke up and was really hungry for curry, but it turned out that I was limited with my ingredients. XD
I managed to put together some kind of spaghetti curry with potatoes......a whole lot of potatoes....
I was in the middle of making it and I was feeling pretty proud of myself for coming up with something as brilliant as curry spaghetti when my little sister walks into the kitchen and begins to examine everything I had on the stove. I had my back to her as I was chopping up some more potatoes when I saw her open up my pot out of the corner of my eye...
"Jimi da yo ne..." was the first thing that came out of her mouth!
:) My proud and happy tension went straight down the toilet as those words echoed in my head :)
XD I shouted back to her "JIMI JANE YO!!" :)
She laughed at me and said I was a dork and then left the room.
She may be younger than me, but...
:D :D :) :) :P :P :P :P :D
on her!!

So after that whole episode we had to go to class.
I only have two classes and both of them I take with my sister.
We both agreed that our math teacher is a complete idiot and doesn't know what he's doing.
I think I'm going to probably drop that class and take it with a different teacher...
Anyway, every day in class we take notes, but instead of taking the actual notes we(me and my sister) like to take our own personal notes.
I thought they were pretty funny after reading them later on so I'm going to share them with you :D
These are the notes we've been taking for the past few weeks:
Posted Image

I was really sad that I couldn't go to the fall concert so I drew this while sulking in class:

Posted Image

Some more of my brilliant notes:

Posted Image

Don't get me wrong, we did take some actual notes eventually...

Posted Image

So those are my notes for math class...
I don't know what else to talk about now..
OH!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO GAKI!! I can't believe she's 21 already!
I mean, I just turned 21 back in May, but I feel like I'm way more older :P
Anyway, I hope she has the best birthday ever!
For her birthday I'm going to buy 1 of each of the Kimagure Princess singles, including the single V. :P
I made her my wallpaper today too!
:P Posted Image :P

How did everyone else celebrate dear Gakisan's birthday?

See you later! :P

curry is the greatest! i go all the way to georgia ave to the horribly packed k-mart to get curry udon noodles. the hotter the curry the better =")

past few weeks? just stick with that teacher. you already stuck with that dumb teacher for a few weeks better that then to have lost those weeks going to another teacher.

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