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Ranting to myself~

Posted by MM=Happiness, 06 April 2010 · 78 views

Why am I so stubborn...?
I really hate to talk about these kinds of things because it's really just a waste of time.
Why tell me to vent out my problems, because holding it all in will only make things worse, and then make me feel like an idiot after doing so?
You tell me that I'm pushing you away by not telling you how I'm feeling.

Being a fan is hard work

Posted by MM=Happiness, 01 March 2010 · 81 views

So I didn't have time over the weekend to check my emails and updates on the forums and when I get back today I felt like I was 10 years behind!!
There was so much that I missed and it took me almost all day today to catch up.
I sat on my bed with my laptop for probably a good 7 hours watching videos, reading comments and leaving my...

My first blog in 3 months~

Posted by MM=Happiness, 15 February 2010 · 91 views

Ohhhhhhh~~ wow~~
3 months since my last blog and I still don't know what to talk about.
Maybe it's because every time something interesting happens to me I just tweet about it right then and there.
Maybe I should hold off on doing that so I can blog every now and then.
I envy those who can blog constantly tho...
Like Sayu~
Oh! MY!...


Posted by MM=Happiness, 08 November 2009 · 105 views

I just came across probably the worst place I could ever have been... ^_^
I was just sitting here doing the usual net surfing when I stumble across a website where everyone in there HATED, and I mean really HATED Takahashi Ai <3
I couldn't believe such a place existed! I never knew anyone could actually HATE that girl. I mean she's...

Where should I go?

Posted by MM=Happiness, 29 October 2009 · 93 views

Ever since I came back from AX I've had this travel bug embedded in my body, eating away at my desire to travel somewhere else.
But the problem is, I can't decided where I want to go.
For sure, someday I want to travel to Japan, but I think since I haven't even traveled around the US much, I should get that out of my system first before any...


Posted by MM=Happiness, 27 October 2009 · 133 views

My fangirl merchandise came today!! Well, some of it, but still YAAAAY!!!
Okay, so I totally didn't realize that the photocards on the Hello Store were 2L pictures, so when I opened up my package I was like...
Then I was like...
:) Oh~ yes~ :)

:) I sort of came across a great deal of money the last week and...

Who likes curry? I DO!!!

Posted by MM=Happiness, 21 October 2009 · 94 views

Today I woke up and was really hungry for curry, but it turned out that I was limited with my ingredients. XD
I managed to put together some kind of spaghetti curry with potatoes......a whole lot of potatoes....
I was in the middle of making it and I was feeling pretty proud of myself for coming up with something as brilliant as curry spaghetti...

AX Memories :(

Posted by MM=Happiness, 05 September 2009 · 88 views

I miss AX so much!! I missed watching the documentary too!! :)
My life sucks right now!!
Hopefully someone will upload it on the tracker soon...

I was looking thru the Aichan thread and someone had posted pictures up from the documentary and all I could think...


Posted by MM=Happiness, 03 September 2009 · 75 views

Heeeey~ wasshap everybody!
How is yiour night?!
I'm ceiblrateing at my frienadsa holuse drinlking some beeeeeers for her birsthday!
Have ag ood nigte evavry one!
I'll buy you all soljme drings neaxt tinme!
Bai abye!

I've never seen one before...

Posted by MM=Happiness, 01 September 2009 · 95 views

Okay, this is probably the meanest thing ever and I really feel bad for talking about it....but it must be said!

So today I was at work and I was doing the usual, checking people out at the registers when all of a sudden...DETA!! There she was! The lady with the mustache!! XD
It through me off guard so badly that, on...

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