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SPEC Episode 7 - Special Guest: Mano Erina wwwww

Posted by turbos86, 10 December 2010 · 1607 views

I bet no one watched the episode of SPEC when Erina was the featured special guest. So here, let me show you what you are missing out on!

Stop reading if you don't want to know the story *SPOILER ALERT*

SPEC is a police investigative drama about people using their super human abilities to commit organized crimes.
The two main protagonist of this drama are Toda Erika as Toma Saya, and Kase Ryo as Sebumi Takeru. The two of them are detectives in the police's special division for solving mysterious cases, especially tracking down those who uses their super human abilities (SPEC) to escape the law.

So episode 7 starts off with Sebumi trying to look for a SPEC holder with the ability to heal, so he can revive his kouhai who is stuck in a vegetative state.
As he's walking to......... somewhere? LOL He runs into his kouhai's little sister, who tells him that the doctor is about to pull the plug on her brother.
BUT, who cares about that!
At the time, Sebumi was carrying groceries home, let's see what did he buy!!!

Posted Image
Energy drink.... where have we seen this before?????

Posted Image
Erina's Genkimono de ikou PV XD lollllllllllll
Sebumi needs Erina to whip some happiness back into him =D

Fast forward 2 minutes~
Posted Image

So Erina's character name is Satori, and her SPEC is the ability to read minds. Satori would often set up a booth on the streets of Shibuya to do fortune telling, but by 12 midnight, she disappears. The locals refer to her as the Cinderella of Shibuya.
(Kanon must be pissed off, right about now XD)

Anyways, back to the story. Sebumi, with the help of Toma figures out that in order to track down the SPEC healer, they have to first rescue another SPEC holder (Reizei Toshiaki) who possess the ability to see the future (It's hard to explain without explaining the first 6 episodes).
However, he's currently being held captive by another special police unit. As they are discussing the details, Satori suddenly appears in their office (ERINA CAN TELEPORT?) With a couple of mind tricking questions and her mind reading SPEC, Satori was able to gather the whereabouts of Reizei from the two detectives. While everyone in the room tries to figure out what has just happened, Satori disappear into thin air (OMG!)

Meanwhile, news spread to the other special police unit holding Reizei, so they decide to transport Reizei to another hiding location. As their transport van is en route, Satori appears in the back of the van (WHAT?) and has the police officer killed.
Satori and her henchmen takes Reizei to her secret lairrrrrrr (Oh yeah, so evil =D)

Back in the mysterious case special unit's office, Toma listen in on the police radio and figures out the van's license plate. (Here's when things starts to go from LOL to WTFBBQLMAO)

Posted Image
The plate number is 86-26, Toma pronounces it as HA (8) RO (6) - PU (2) RO (6)...... HAROPURO.......HELLO PRO..... HELLO! PROJECT HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Toma then dig deep into the police's date base and finds Satori's driving record (Erina can drive? WHAT?)
Posted Image
Cute pic XD
According to this, on the left of the screen, Satori was born on the 3rd year of Heisei, on April 11 (ORLY? That's Erina's birthday too XD) Her driver's license was issued on May 2nd of 21st year of Heisei (2009).... wait, Erina has a driver's license? LOL
Right side of the screen shows Satori has had 2 traffic tickets. 1 for illegal parking, another for crash due to careless driving lololololololololol
There's also another police report of her being in a bus traveling from Osaka to Shinjuku, and the bus got rear-ended, causing her to have a whip lash (This is important at the end).

Back to Satori. She has Reizei trapped inside a big house with video camera monitoring. She tells him that her boss paid a lot of money to attain him, so he better do as she says and use his future foreseeing ability or she'll have him killed.
Reizei has no choice but to initiate his powers and look into the future. Just as he gets a vision in his brain, he turns around and declares that he has figured out how to counter Satori's mind reading powers.
Right away, he drops to the ground and start to chant like a Buddhist monk.........


it's not just any normal chant that he's saying......

He's chanting the lyrics to AKB48's Ponytail to Shushu XD

Satori is HELLA pissed off and demands that he chants some Hello! Project songs instead lololololololololol

While all this was happening, Toma and Sebumi argues on how they're gonna rescue Reizei.

*Commercial break*

Reizei is still chanting to prevent Satori to read his mind.
He's done with Ponytail.....now he's chanting RIVER (DUDE, she requested H!P orz)

By this time, Satori is sick of him and decides to take a nap.
Reizei think he has won and stop chanting to stupid AKB songs......
Suddenly, Satori opens her eyes and declares that he's a fool.
She finds out that Toma has dispatched a SWAT team over to stop her. So Satori decides to take Reizei to another location before the police arrives.

Posted Image

Satori successfully escape from the SWAT team, but this was all within Toma's plan.

Satori drives to an area near by to find all but 1 car park has open parking space, so she drives in. As she exits the car, she calls for backup, but Sebumi and Toma appears out of nowhere.
Posted Image

Toma explains how she was able to set up this trap and avoid Satori from reading her mind.
As it turns out, after midnight, Satori is easily tired and her powers are reduced to null. Toma was able to figure out this from Satori's police report they found earlier, about how her neck was injured when the bus she was in was rear-ended. Satori was probably sleeping on the bus! Also, her other accidents all occurred after midnight, when she gets super sleepy. Toma waited until around midnight to send in the SWAT team, and then set up the car park trap near by, knowing Satori only had so much energy left, so she wouldn't be able to drive far.

By the time Toma finish her explanation and turns back to look at Satori....
Posted Image
Zzzzzzzzzzzzz LOL

Satori is arrested, so the rest of the episode is not important to us.

Surprisingly pretty good acting from Erina, and all the H!P and AKB references were hilarious.
This episode is worth a watch even if you haven't watch the first 6 episode, just for lolz.


I've watch it along with my elder sister during Saturday (actually, we're watching them because my elder sister want to watch Kamiki only but I got excited for Erina too)

I really love how Erina demand for the HaroPuro song! and I thought the man said Ponytail and River to calm himself down (I don't have English subs and couldn't understand much) so I'm very grateful that you give the explaination! It was fun!
Woah, gotta check this out. Thanks for the summary!

She's lookin' very happy while driving her car.
That was great, thanks!
thanks for sharing that!
where can i watch it?!

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