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Nakayoshi Mondays(仲良しMondays) #5- Guest RiiRii, Zange (Halloween Special)

Posted by KeroKatz46, 27 October 2020 · 0 views

Nakayoshi Mondays(仲良しMondays)
Episode 5:
MC: Kero
Guest: RiiRii, Zange

Nakayoshi Mondays is the very first official podcast series of the Goodbye Loser! Project. In this episode things get spooky as Kero, RiiRii, and Zange explore their past halloweens, ghost stories, and reddit. This is a bi-weekly series and new episodes will be uploaded every Monday. We hope we can brighten up your Mondays with some fun conversation.

The following links lead to the featured music in this episode:
Kanojo ni Naritai by GBL! Kenshussei- https://youtu.be/OSbt9Vb2bXk
Kero-Chan: Kono Koi wa Transit- https://www.youtube....atch?v=9MStc...
Zange: Houseki- https://www.youtube....atch?v=zZvgp...
Double Trouble (RiiRii & Ayu) - Ai no Imi wo Oshiete https://www.youtube....atch?v=lFT-D...

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