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GBL研修生- 彼女になりたいっ!!![GBL Kenshuusei- Kanojo ni Naritai ! ! !]

Posted by KeroKatz46, 07 September 2020 · 0 views

Hello all,

My name is Kero and I am here today to introduce you all to a new project that I have been working on through the summer.

This project is Goodbye Loser! Project,

It's a idol cover agency that has a focus on covering Hello! Project/UFA music. The group consists of seven members who were chosen through a number of auditioning hopefuls.

The unique concept of GBL project is that the group is more than a cover group. This group will tackle many projects related and unrelated to Hello! Project. We invite you to join us on this new journey we have embarked on. There will be bumps and twist but it's sure to be a fun ride.

- Kero

彼女になりたいっ!!![Kanojo ni Naritai!!!/I want to be your girlfriend!!!]
Artist : GBL研修生 (GBL Kenshuusei)
Original Artist: ハロプロ研修生 / Hello! Project Kenshuusei
Lyrics: つんく (Tsunku)
Composition: つんく (Tsunku)
Arrangement: 大久保薫 (Ookubo Kaoru)
Mix: Jess/Lilmenchi
Art: Tamaneko/hapicubii
GBL研修生 are:
Kero- https://www.youtube....IuVeJvnf9TiQZ3g
Kaori- https://www.youtube....er/xxxKaoriChan
RiiRii- https://www.youtube....GlaAR5TShNtmk9A
Ayu- https://www.youtube....er/AyunaDaisuki
Ayaka- https://www.youtube....user/debanhiliz
Sayuri- https://www.youtube.com/user/04csh