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What is Love? Cover by Matoi's splinter group Ikari Anxiety

Posted by KeroKatz46, 19 November 2018 · 372 views

Morning musume Cover Matoi Ikari Anxiety Rae Mariko Tamaneko Umi
ntroducing Matoi's 2nd splinter group Ikari Anxiety with their cover of Morning Musume's What is Love?.

Ikari Anxiety's concept is to cover songs from Hello! Project that cover the topics of anxiety and insecurities.

The members of Ikari Anxiety are the following from Matoi:
Air Unit:
Mariko- https://www.youtube....r72Aqlhe0Fc_Syg
Rae- https://m.youtube.co...elesstalentless

Terrain Unit:
Tamaneko- https://youtube.com/user/icedude999
Umi- https://www.youtube....CD-tTI1Cs0QRSkg

This awesome video was made by our very own Ashley from Air Unit. Please give her channel a look as well as she has much to offer- https://www.youtube....R1WRFgeKuXNKMdA