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"WANT" Berryz Koubo cover by Dengeki Kokoro (Matoi)

Posted by KeroKatz46, 04 November 2018 · 317 views

WAnt WANT Berryz Koubo Matoi Cover Music Idol Dengeki Kokoro Berryz工房
Hello Everyone!

How was everyone's Halloween?? I hope you all had fun

Today I have something very special to share with all of you. Matoi's very first splinter group "Dengeki Kokoro" has made their debut today with their cover of the Berryz Koubo classic "WANT"

Vid Below ^^

Dengeki Kokoro
Is a unit that will focus on the songs from H!P with a high electro pop influence. The group is made up of five members from both Air and Terrain units. Kero and Kaori from Air and Haru, Lou, Ayane from Terrain. You can find links to their channels below

Kero - https://www.youtube...._jKm33XkGny1dA/
Kaori- https://m.youtube.co...er/xxxKaoriChan
Lou- https://www.youtube....hannel/UCPHK...
Ayane- https://www.youtube....hannel/UCxIc...
Haru- https://www.youtube....hannel/UCuT7...

Please be on a look out for more new releases from Matoi this month. We have plenty more to share with you

Thank you
~Kero :good: