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Who are Hello Project's top 10 members?

Posted by KeroKatz46, 29 April 2018 · 656 views

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Who are Hello Project's top 10 members? Hi Everyone!!!

I was wondering if some of you can help me with a special project. I want to find out who are the top 10 most popular Hello Project members within the Gaijin Fan community. In order to do so, I'm asking everyone in multiple platforms who their favorite members are. This way we can get the closest to accurate result as possible.

This list will only involve the currently active members and kenshuusei's. To vote all you have to do is either just list your top 10 or you can also give reasons why a those members are your favorites. I would like the comments in order to help develop more context on why certain members are a fan favorite. You can also include which country your from as well if you wish.

Voting will go on until May15th. When the voting period ends I'll make a video with the results on YouTube

I hope to hear from many of you.as possible :sotsugyou:

Also I'll be tweeting this on Twitter, If you want to help me get people involved please re-tweet my tweet in hope to get more answers.
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Happy Voting!

Hi I've seen you on other platforms but this place is the the easiest for me to list it here.

I'm from the USA and I'll put my comments next to each member.


1. Ikuta Erina (My kami-oshi! Pretty much ever since she joined she's been my favorite. I enjoy her stage presence and how dorky she is. She's not exactly the best at anything but she seems to have fun. It's hard to explain but I think her weirdness and awkwardness were what made me like her in the first place. Also watching her improve through the years has be wonderful!)
2. Sato Masaki (Maa-chan has been another one that has been toward the top since joining. When the 10th gen auditions happened she was one of the ones that had potential if she would just apply herself and that I thought would shine in the group. Definitely her stage presence early on won me over.)
3. Yamaki Risa (When I saw her she just caught my eye. When she was in the Kenshuusei she was one of my favorites falling only below Kaneko Rie. I'm think her mature looks and beauty were the main reasons I loved her and then I heard her sing and she just became one of my favorites.)
4. Oda Sakura (I thought she was adorable back when she was a finalist in S/mileage 2nd gen auditions. She used her cutesy voice back then so I didn't really know how amazing she was of a singer at the time but when she joined Morning Musume I had fell in love with her singing. She's grown into a real beauty too.)
5. Nonaka Miki (Miki being able to speak English is a big plus to me and then seeing her perform she's become a real star. I enjoy her weirdness as well. She seems to have more self confidence than before and I love how her voice sounds.)
6. Murota Mizuki (Murotan is just a ball of joy. She's weird, a good singer, dancer and just wonderful. She's funny and just picks the weirdest times to be her weird self but she's such an amazing performer. She's just an interesting person.)
7. Funaki Musubu (Musubu is adorable and that's what made me notice her first but then I heard her sing. I remember being so amazed that that voice came from that small of a girl. Then I found out how weird and funny she was and she just became one of my top members.)
8. Ogata Risa (At first I knew nothing about her and I didn't really have an interest in any of the members of Tsubaki Factory so I just picked the ones that seemed to catch my attention which were orginally Ami and Kisora. Then as I watched more of their performances I found myself drawn to Risamaru. I thought she was pretty and cute and that her voice was pretty. I also started to notice how interesting she was. She just kind of pushed her way to my heart and became one of my top members.)
9. Takagi Sayuki (I love her voice! She has one of the best voices in H!P and her stage presence is amazing. She's also a funny girl and always seems to be smiling. I love how much she seems to enjoy performing.)
10. Ishida Ayumi (With Ayumi I didn't really care for her at first but then something happened and she shot up. I love her dancing, her voice, her weirdness, and how different she seems on stage and off. I think she's sweet and seems like a fun person. Also it seems nowadays her new dance partner and definetly her acrobatics partner is Eripon which probably has helped me notice her since one of my favorite pairings is Eripon and Ayumi.)
Sorry it's a lot to read I really love all the members but my top members seem to have a lot of quirks about them and I think stage presence is another thing for me. I just try to let whoever catch my eye and then follow them to the end.

Thank you for voting :) and coming here to share your thoughts more in detail. It's very helpful, I really appreciate it