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[Casting for Group-dub] Ase to Namida no Cinderella Story- SUPER☆GiRLS [Sign-up until March 17th]

Posted by KeroKatz46, in Dub Casting 06 March 2018 · 502 views

Hi everyone!

My name is KeroKatz46 and I'm new to hello-online, Nice to meet all of you :)
I've been wanting to get involved with group-dubbing for a while but in all honesty I don't know where to start. I want to try to improve my singing skills and mixing skills. I really want to have fun exploring and covering J-Idol Music so I decided to make this blog post hoping to find others who like to sing as well. If your interested in singing with me please let me know. You can post here or contact me by email ([email protected])

The first song I would like to cover is "Ase to Namida no Cinderella Story" by SUPER☆GiRLS

If you would like to cover this with me. Comment here or email me with the name of the member you would like to dub in this cover. The cast list is below, If your unfamiliar with the members I put their character colors next to them so you can identify them in the video. I'll be updating the cast list as fast as possible to keep it up to date.

Cast List:
Shimura Rika(White) -
Watanabe Hikaru (Gold)- Oto Konoka
Miyazaki Rina (Yellow)-
Tanaka Mirei (Black)-
Mizote Ruka(Red)- KeroKatz46
Watanabe Koume (Silver)- msmairtan
Asakawa Nana (Green) - deqc
Uchimura Risa(Blue)-
Ishibashi Hotaru (Dark Green)-
Ozaki Runa (Orange)-
Abe Yumeri (Pink)-
Nagao Shiori (Purple)-

To Join:
There are no gender or age restrictions. So anyone can join! All you have to be is human and willing to have fun on this project
Able to record your vocals within a month
Be able to upload Mp3s to a file hosting site and Email me a link to download them

When you join:
I'll email you with a zip file with mp3's of the song and instrumental. It will also include a Word Dox that's color coded since I know it might be hard to tell when your part is especially if your unfamiliar with the song.

If we fail to fill up all the slots for casting, we'll re-work the line distribution to the number of people who are in the project.

For taking the time to read this and I hope I get to work with some of you amazing people.

oh i love this song

i'll do it

can i be koume

oh i love this song

i'll do it

can i be koume

You Sure can!  :)


Welcome aboard , I'll be sending files out once we fill up the cast list or reach the deadline