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KERO🌟CH💖N 5th Cover Single "Shunrenka" Cover of Tsubaki Factory

Posted by KeroKatz46, 30 June 2020 · 0 views

It's not too late for a summer tune is it? I don't think so.

I've been performing this song for awhile and I'm happy to finally share the studio version with you!

Title: Shunrenka (春恋歌 )
Original artist: Tsubaki Factory (つばきファクトリー)
Lyrics: Oomori Shoko (大森祥子)
Composition: Suzuki Akinori (鈴木秋則)
Arrangement: Suzuki Shunsuke (鈴木俊介)

KERO🌟CH💖N 4th Cover Single "To Bear Flowers"

Posted by KeroKatz46, 09 June 2020 · 0 views

New Cover!

Hello Ya'll how have you been?

I'm back with another cover ^^

It's a special cover, it's of AnimalBeast's "To Be Flowers". They were a locodol group that didn't go that far but had a loving fanbase.

I hope I can help you all find some interest in a group that provided me with so much happiness.


KERO🌟CH💖N 3rd Cover Single "Kono Koi wa Transit"

Posted by KeroKatz46, 12 May 2020 · 0 views



It's been awhile but I'm back with a new solo cover.

It's a cover of one of my favorite Last Idol songs.

It has been staying in my back burner for a bit now, The mix was actually completed way back before Winter Romance was posted to YouTube ><

I hope you can all enjoy this hop...

KERO🌟CH💖N "Start Line" Tribute to Kobushi Factory

Posted by KeroKatz46, 29 March 2020 · 0 views

Hello everyone Kero-chan here!

I know times have been tough for everyone. I hope you are all taking care of yourselves <3

My activities are halted at the moment due to issues caused by the pandemic but I do plan on going forward with the Pocky Challenge!

The date is to be decided.

As a community we will are be hurting with Kobushi leaving us at t...

KERO🌟CH💖N 1st Cover Single "Winter Romance"

Posted by KeroKatz46, 25 February 2020 · 0 views


How are all of you today?!!

My name is KERO🌟CH💖N!!

I'm here today to share with you guys something very special and that is my 1st Cover Single "Winter Romance"!

It's a loving winter themed song that was originally performed by Bakusute Sotokanda Icchome

Along with the release I am holding a specia...

"Silent Tonight" BiBi Cover by Matoi

Posted by KeroKatz46, 19 March 2019 · 597 views
Cover, Matoi, Kero, Fumi, Mariko and 1 more...
Matoi is back in action with it's first release this year~!

A cover of BiBi's "Silent Tonight" Featuring the members Kero, Fumi and Mariko

What is Love? Cover by Matoi's splinter group Ikari Anxiety

Posted by KeroKatz46, 19 November 2018 · 372 views
Morning musume, Cover, Matoi and 5 more...
ntroducing Matoi's 2nd splinter group Ikari Anxiety with their cover of Morning Musume's What is Love?.

Ikari Anxiety's concept is to cover songs from Hello! Project that cover the topics of anxiety and insecurities.

The members of Ikari Anxiety are the following from Matoi:
Air Unit:
Mariko- https://www.yo...

"WANT" Berryz Koubo cover by Dengeki Kokoro (Matoi)

Posted by KeroKatz46, 04 November 2018 · 317 views
WAnt, WANT, Berryz Koubo, Matoi and 5 more...
Hello Everyone!

How was everyone's Halloween?? I hope you all had fun

Today I have something very special to share with all of you. Matoi's very first splinter group "Dengeki Kokoro" has made their debut today with their cover of the Berryz Koubo classic "WANT"

Vid Below ^^

Dengeki Kokoro
Is a unit that wil...

"Itoshikutte Gomen ne" Cover by Matoi

Posted by KeroKatz46, 26 September 2018 · 380 views

Sup!~~ :gitaa:

I haven't posted on here in forever ><

But I thought it would be a good idea to share Matoi's first cover on here with everyone!

Matoi is a cover group that specializes in Hello! Project music. It's consisting of 14 members who are separated into two units, Air Unit and Terrain Unit....

Who are Hello Project's top 10 members?

Posted by KeroKatz46, 29 April 2018 · 656 views
Hello Project!, Twitter, Facebook and 7 more...
Who are Hello Project's top 10 members? Hi Everyone!!!

I was wondering if some of you can help me with a special project. I want to find out who are the top 10 most popular Hello Project members within the Gaijin Fan community. In order to do so, I'm asking everyone in multiple platforms who their favorite members are. This way we can get the closest to accurate result as possible.

This l...