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Analysis of the idol market

2018年4月5日 - How many members for an idol group, how many groups in H!P and why I don't release my post about Up-Front just yet

Posted by keaine, 05 April 2018 · 664 views

I'll start by answering my third question: I've said previously that I would cover the four main idol productions and I started a while ago with AKS. The next in line of their importance should then be Up-Front. So what am I waiting to write my article about it? Well, in fact, I'm waiting for the situation to stabilise a bit. You know that Up-Front has kn...

2018年3月1日 - Why France?

Posted by keaine, 28 February 2018 · 490 views

Disclaimer: yes, I'm French and I'll introduce the issue with a French point of view, so it may be a bit biased. Mexico also seems to be a good spot for H!P groups, I think because there are lots of jpop enthusiasts in Mexico, but I'm just speculating since I know nothing about Japanese pop culture in Mexico.


You may have asked yourself the q...

2018年2月27日 - The almost monopoly of AKS

Posted by keaine, 26 February 2018 · 465 views

Now that I described the overall market and the global balance of power between the main productions, you can't see everything by staying at such a far level, so in the next few entries, I'm going to focus on each one of the four main productions since 2012: AKS, Up-Front, Stardust and Avex, and so, as the title suggests, for this entry, I'm focusing on A...

2018年2月26日 - The idol boom and its end

Posted by keaine, 26 February 2018 · 621 views

So, now that I've described how my spreadsheet works, I'll use it. First, I'm just going to state the obvious: the idol market has boomed from approximately 2012 to 2016, and for a year or two now, the market has first stabilised and then decreased a bit.

Let's get to the start of it, what was the idol boom was in fact first an AKS boom, I think the 2012...

2018年2月26日 - Idol single sales spreadsheet

Posted by keaine, 26 February 2018 · 377 views

I made a spreadsheet listing each single released by idol groups and kept the number of copies sold by each. I'm going to make a lot of analyses from this spreadsheet so I'm giving details on how it's done.

I'm keeping this spreadsheet since 2012 I think, so I have all idol singles released after January 1st 2012, and to this day. The sheet with all the...