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Live report - Angerme's first France concert: "We'll come back to Paris without fail!"

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Article translated from https://www.barks.jp.../?id=1000155963. Please note the translation isn't literal (lol) but since it's not my job at all, I'm doing it purely for fun (of discovering what the writer meant) and my level of Japanese isn't really high (I had to search a ton lot of words), so if you find things badly translated from Japanese or if there could be a better word in English, please feel free to tell me.

EDIT: it's a really bad translation. Don't make it your reference if you want to translate it in another language. I might come back to it later.


Angerme's first own overseas concert took place in Paris (France) on June 3rd. Here's a report from the actual place.

For foreign Angerme fans as well as members, this June 3rd will really be unforgettable. Angerme's first overseas concert is located in "La Cigale", located in the northern part of Paris. Nor far from it are the Montmartre hill as well as a well-known cabaret even in Japan "Moulin Rouge". Part of the building* reminds us of historical buildings, its roots go back to 1887. Having been a musical teahouse or a cinema, its shape changed, until 1987 when it became a multi-purpose hall. So far, Eric Clapton, Coldplay, Norah Jones, Oasis, Prince, Radiohead are among the most proeminent artists to have played there. As for Japanese artists, Sakamoto Ryuuichi, DIR EN GREY, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, as well as, in Hello!Project, °C-ute in 2013 stood in this stage.

The day of the live. From early in the morning, a lot of fans were waiting in line, who before the concert were already there, upping their enthusiasm. They weren't only French, you could also hear UK or German fans. They were expressing their feeling of gratitude, all thinking about the members, thanking them for coming to France. Also, Angerme's mixture of all these different musical genres, the group's originality, how listening to their songs in bad times makes them feel better. A female fan really impressed** when saying that she'll cry while seeing the concert today.

Finally, it starts. Approximately 800 fans were waiting inside the venue. While their enthusiasm was growing, French Japanese idol dance and vocal cover unit "AMAITSUKI" went on stage. As you could expect, since they're a dance and vocal cover unit, they didn't only dance, they also sang live. Moreover, during their performance, their Japanese was perfect. As they performed Morning Musume。 "Oh my wish!" and Kobushi Factory "Sakura night fever", the crowd encouraged them. Then, welcomed with loud shouts and screams, Angerme entered the stage. The live started with "Nakenaize... kyoukansagi" from their latest single. The lyrics "zenbei, kandou, goukyuu" was sung in unison as we could see penlights covering the venue. From the opening "koko wa nihon na no ka?", the perfect call as if we fell into a hallucination, the audience's feelings were strong. The members' tension was also high, as they then sung "Manner mode", "Ai no tame kyou made shinka shitekita ningen ai no tame subete taika shitekita ningen", "Gashinshoutan", their energy wasn't fading.

After the first four songs and a costume change, the members introduced themselves. Each member conveyed her feeling to all the fans who could have come to France in French. After each member's presentation, the audience bursted in the member's call. Nakanishi Kana, who had her birthday on the 4th, received a surprise birthday cake, everyone sung "happy birthday" to her. Nakanishi, moved to tears, said "I didn't expect that". Takeuchi Akari asked a question separately to men and women in the audience, giving the impression that there were a lot of women.

The 5th song "Koi nara tokku hajimatteru" starts with Wada Ayaka's monologue. Then again, big cheers could be heard. Then "Nana korobi ya oki" "Desugita kui wa utarenai", with their vigorous staging and their "hard" show***, and then the cute "Majokko Megu-chan" with its Latin flavours, where Kasahara Momona popped as center.

At the next MC time, members each gave their impressions about Paris in French. Murota Mizuki: "I learned a lot of French", Sasaki Rikako: "I got a soap**** that smell so good!", etc. Whenever members were uneasy with French, the crowd gave huge cheers.

And then, "Tsugitsugi zokuzoku"'s performance got remarkably huge cheers from the crowd. Then "Ai sae areba nannimo iranai", "Otome no gyakushuu" followed. The members performed each song energetically, and the audience responded. The hall was heating up. Then "Dondengaeshi" with its short call and response. From the start of the song, there's a big scream, then Takeuchi's "Koe dashite ikuyo!" was answered with throbbing support. Then the first part's***** last song "Taiki bansei". While the audience was singing out, the concert reached its climax.

End of the first part. People from the second floor put up a handmade celebration banner for Nakanishi's birthday, the cheering raises as the audience goes into encore. It wasn't a group name call nor a member name call, but singing to one of Angerme's regular songs "Tomo yo" to sing your ties with your friends, especially the line "Yes, Yes, We are friends! Yes, Yes, We are friends forever" repeatedly. Such a foreign-like encore.

The encore song was "Uraha=Lover". Sasaki and Kamikokuryou's absence due to poor physical health wasn't noticed******, although this suddenly became an 8-member performance, after the end of the song, they expressed their gratitude towards the audience, and the approximately 1h30min Angerme's first overseas concert ended with loud shouts. While both Sasaki and Kamikokuryou weren't able to finish the concert, running a bit of bitterness of not being able to express their feelings to the people who came and see them, the "We'll come back to Paris without fail!*******" sounded like a revenge.

Having sung all their songs in their entirety, Angerme completed their first overseas performance, and the audience all looked very happy. After the end of the concert, Wada Ayaka commented: "In the Paris concert, all the foreign fans' enthusiasm and energy surprised me. Singing the songs in Japanese, chanting, this was perfect. Although foreign fans haven't been able to see us for a long time, until then they've given us a lot of love. I was really happy. And I have a feeling of gratitude for them. Merci beaucoup."

After the concert, the members had a bright expression on their faces, the 10 members can feel their self-confidence and their conceit stronger. At the end of June, Angerme will do an Asia tour to Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan, where they'll be to broaden their capacities even more.


*La Cigale
**the author, the people there, no idea
***ハード in Japanese; maybe the author meant "hard" as in "hard rock"? dunno
****hard soap
*****By "first part" I mean, everything before the encore.
******that is, by the members, there wasn't a word about it
*******without fail with the meaning of surely, nothing to do with Rikako and Kamiko's condition

Thank you for the translation