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Siblings in the Idol World!

Posted by WatanabeXYamada27, 24 July 2018 · 516 views

Here is a not so complete list of idols with siblings in the entertainment industry. I made this after Ichioka Reina's sister Anna was revealed to be a member of Avex's new group One Chance.

Nishiwaki Sisters - Hiroshima

Nishiwaki Ayaka - Perfume
Nishiwaki Sayaka - 9nine

Nakamoto Sisters - Hiroshima

Nakamoto Himeka - Nogizaka46 (graduated)
Nakamoto Suzuka - Babymetal

Nakayama Siblings - Osaka

Yamada Nana (Nakayama Nana) - NMB48 (graduated)
Nakayama Yuma - Soloist
Yamada Suzu (Nakayama Suzu) - NMB48

Suzuki Sisters - Tokyo, Both Cheeky Parade (disbanded)

Suzuki Yuriya
Suzuki Mariya

Nakanishi Sisters - Osaka

Nakanishi Marina - Camouflage (disbanded)
Nakanishi kana - Angerme

Fujimoto Sisters - Tokyo

Fujimoto Yukimi - Passpo (about to disband)
Fujimoto Riko - Petit Passpo (disbanded)

Hirokawa Sisters - Fukuoka

Hirokawa Nanase - Wasuta
Hirokawa Kanon - Zenryoku Shoujo R

Ito Sisters - Aichi

Ito Chisami - 7☆3, GEM (disbanded)
Ito Chiyuri - Team Syachihoko

Jonishi Sisters - Shiga

Jonishi Kei - NMB48 (graduated)
Jonishi Rei - NMB48

Nomura Sisters - Aichi

Nomura Nao - AKB48 (graduated)
Nomura MIyo - SKE48

Araki Sisters - Fukuoka

Araki Sakura - LInQ
Araki Kokoro - LInQ (graduated)

Yamabe Sisters - Chiba

Yamabe Miyu - Tokyo Girls Style
Yamabe Ayu - AKB48

Danbara Sisters - Hiroshima

Danbara Riri - SPL∞ASH (graduated)
Danbara Ruru - Juice=Juice

Yabushita Sisters - Osaka

Yabushita Shu - NMB48 (graduated)
Yabushita Fu - STU48

Sato Sisters - Shizuoka

Sato Yukari - SDN48 (disbanded)
Sato Erika - Zenryoku Shoujo R

Nishiyama Sisters - Kanagawa, both Parfait

Nishiyama Nozomi
Nishiyama Noriko
Ota Sisters - Gifu

Ota Riona - Lovely☆Doll, NMB48 (graduated)
Ota Ayaka - SKE48

Muto Sisters - Tokyo, father is Muto Daisuke, both AKB48

Muto Tomu
Muto Orin

Ueki Sisters - Hiroshima, both graduated from Kaze Hikaru Fukurou

Ueki Miu
Ueki Rin

Hashima Sisters - Chiba, both Kamiyado

Hashima Miki
Hashima Mei

Sakagami Twins - Hyogo, both Sakuya Konohana

Sakagami Ayaka
Sakagami Haruka

Yahagi Sisters - Saitama

Yahagi Yukina - SKE48
Yahagi Moeka - AKB48

Ichioka Sisters - Tokyo

Ichioka Anna - One Chance
Ichioka Reina - Undebuted H!P group

Nakagawa Sisters - Hokkaido

Nakagawa Rira - Jewel☆Neige, Lovely☆Doll (before move), Jewel Kiss (graduated)
Nakagawa Rurin - Actors Studio Hokkaido

Kashiwa Twins - Saitama, both Si☆Stella

Kashiwa Ayana
Kashiwa Yuina

Odan Sisters - Hyogo, both NMB48

Odan Mai
Odan Yui

Thank you for the list. That was very interesting.
The list would even grow longer if you include cousins >_<
One of the famous ones would be Michishige Sayu(former MM) and Michishige Saho(Houkago Princesses).