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2018 Graduation Mook Short Rant!

Posted by WatanabeXYamada27, 17 March 2018 · 656 views

Hello, everyone. This is my first rant post.

After the disappointment of last year's High School Graduation mook, I thought to myself, "I wish they made next year's one more diverse", especially when the said mook only had 2 Sakamichi and 3 48G. Boy I was wrong.

Here's the lineup courtesy of AKB48 Memo's twitter:

Sakamichi 48G H!P

Junior High School (2002 line)

Hamagishi Hiyori (Keyakizaka46 Hiragana Keyaki 2nd gen (overall 3rd gen))
Kosaka Nao (same as Hamagishi)
Kanemura Miku (same as Hamagishi)
Ito Riria (Nogizaka46 3rd gen)
Yamamoto Ayaka (NMB48 Team N 5th gen)
Iwata Hina (STU48 1st gen)
Funaki Musubu (Angerme 6th gen/Country Girls 2nd gen)

Sakamichi: 4
48G: 2
H!P: 1

High School (1999 line)

Sato Masaki (Morning Musume '18 10th gen)
Kamikokuryo Moe (Angerme 4th gen)
Kobayashi Yui (Keyakizaka46 Kanji Keyaki 1st gen)
Sasaki Mirei (Keyakizaka46 Hiragana Keyaki 1st gen (overall 2nd gen))
Watanabe Miho (Keyakizaka46 Hiragana Keyaki 2nd gen (overall 3rd gen))
Yamashita Mizuki (Nogizaka46 3rd gen)
Ozono Momoko (Nogizaka46 3rd gen)

Sakamichi: 5
H!P: 2

I can't help but feel 46 groups are rather overpushed. The management behind the mook publication needs to be told that there are other idols out there, waiting for an opportunity. Are Sakamichi groups the only idol groups the general public knows? Apparently yes. And it's sad. The general public thinks that Keyakizaka is unrivaled among those debuted 2015 or later, but that's not the case for fans who follow multiple groups.

Hopefully, next year, a more diverse lineup should be decided, especially when Sakamichi's 2000 line is currently limited, and only 1 2003 line (Iwamoto Renka). This should be other idols' chance of getting in, especially when the best idols from the 2000 line are mostly not from Akimoto's groups.

Rant over.

The 48-Group in general has too much control over the media in general. I like some of those group but I don't think they deserve the attention they receive half the time. They take away too much spotlight from other idol groups and even take away sponsors from the local-idols whenever there's a new "48" group. 

Honestly, all those members from Sakamichi are girls who management are trying to heavily push, and i don't know about STU but they're definitely pushing Aayan to the max in NMB, so I can see why they were chosen. Maachan is really popular these days, and i guess they're trying to push Moe and Musubu a lot too. Sakamichi are pretty much the "it" franchise right now so the domination is understandable. As a 46 fan it makes me happy, but as a idol fan in general i'm peeved lol, would be nice to see more girls from other groups. It does lead to the question of "what other idol group is big right now?".  Out of curiosity, what idols participated in the past book?

Here's the compilation of the past releases.


2013 (only edition to include actresses)


HS (1994 line)


Suzuki Airi (C-ute)

Wada Ayaka (Angerme, then S/mileage)

Momota Kanako (Momoiro Clover Z)

Tsuchiya Tao (actress)

Hayami Akari (actress)


H!P: 2, Stardust: 2 Others: 1


MS (1997 line)


Kimoto Kanon (SKE48 Team E)

Ikuta Erina (Morning Musume)

Maeshima Ami (Super Girls)

Sugisaki Hana (actress)

Takatsuki Sara (actress)


48G: 1, H!P: 1, iSt: 1, Others: 2




HS (1995 line)


Tamai Shiori (Momoiro Clover Z)

Ikoma Rina (Nogizaka46)

Iriyama Anna (AKB48 Team A)

Kizaki Yuria (AKB48 Team 4)

Hagiwara Mai (C-ute)


48G: 2, Sakamichi: 1, H!P: 1, Stardust: 1


MS (1998 line)


Tomonaga Mio (HKT48 Team KIV)

Arai Hitomi (Tokyo Girls Style)

Yabushita Shu (NMB48 Team BII)

Aoi Wakana (Otome Shinto)

Sakamoto Haruna (Team Syachihoko)


48G: 2, Stardust: 1, Others: 2




HS (1996 line)


Ikuta Erika (Nogizaka46)

Kodama Haruka (HKT48 Team H)

Sekine Azusa (Up Up Girls Kari)

Mayama Rika (Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku)

Fukumura Mizuki (Morning Musume '15)


48G: 1, Sakamichi: 1, H!P: 1, Stardust: 1, Others: 1


MS (1999 line)


Owada Nana (AKB48 Team A)

Kudo Haruka (Morning Musume '15)

Suzuki Mariya (Cheeky Parade)

Watanabe Miria (Nogizaka46)

Watanabe Rio (Babyraids Japan)


48G: 1, Sakamichi: 1, H!P: 1, iSt: 1, Others: 1




HS (1997 line)


Kojima Mako (AKB48 Team 4)

Shiroma Miru (NMB48 Team M)

Hoshino Minami (Nogizaka46)

Hoshina Mirei (Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku)

Ozeki Rika (Kanji Keyakizaka46)


48G: 2, Sakamichi: 2, Stardust: 1


MS (2000 line)


Nakayama Riko (Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku)

Kobayashi Kaho (same as Nakayama Riko)

Haruna Mai (Tacoyaki Rainbow)

Harada Aoi (Kanji Keyakizaka46)

Tanaka Natsumi (HKT48 Team H)


48G: 1, Sakamichi: 1, Stardust: 3




HS (1998 line)


Saito Asuka (Nogizaka46)

Nagahama Neru (Kanji Keyakizaka46)

Kawamoto Saya (AKB48 Team 4)

Yabushita Shu (NMB48 Team N) (SHOULDN'T BE THERE, she's about to retire when it's published)

Kato Minami (NGT48 Team NIII)


48G: 3, Sakamichi: 2


MS (2001 line)

Yabuki Nako (HKT48 Team H)

Sasaki Rikako (Angerme)

Oguri Yui (AKB48 Team 8 Kanto)

Haga Akane (Morning Musume '17)

Ayaki Sakura (Tacoyaki Rainbow)


48G: 2, H!P: 2, Stardust: 1


I had some problems:


1. My issue about last year's HS mook was that ALL of the members featured are Akimoto's girls, and they brought back one who was already featured three years ago, and one who was about to retire in a month.

2. Nao/Miku/Hiyori and Momoko/Mizuki aren't inseparable unlike Kaho/Riko. They could cut one Nogizaka46 3rd gen from the HS mook, and two Hiragana Keyakizaka46 2nd gen (overall 3rd gen) from the MS mook. For the former, one of them can be replaced with one of the following: Hirokawa Nanase, Ota Yuri, Matsuoka Hana, Ego Yuna, Tashima Meru, Kishimoto Yumeno, Honma Hinata, Niinuma Kisora, Tanimoto Ami, Yoshimori Yuna, Matsushita Reona, Aizawa Ruka or Matsuda Miri. For the latter, two of them can be replaced with two of the following: Takeda Tomoka, Abe Yumeri, Akiyama Mao, Nishigaki Arisa, Takahashi Mayu, Abe Nanami, Mizuno Airi, Oguma Tsugumi or Yamato Ao.


I pretty much quit Sakamichi groups, there's a lot of other interesting idols out there, waiting for attention.