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Biggest Events of the Japanese Female Idol World in 2017!

Posted by WatanabeXYamada27, 07 December 2017 · 884 views

The events are not in chronological order.


Yamada Akari (Yumemiru Adolescence) was suspended. The scandal caused a breakout of misbehaving idols with the scandals of Ueno Tsuyuha (Clef Leaf), Tokoi Yuki (Jewel Neige, then Arc Jewel Novice), Kobayashi Kano (SKE48) and Morishita Rina (Houkago Princess).
Nakamoto Himeka (Nogizaka46) and Aikawa Maho (Angerme) suddenly took a break.


Rev. from DVL announced their disbandment.
Three days later, Matsuno Rina (Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku) passed away. They cancelled events around February to March. "Ebicracy" was under production when Rinanan passed away.
A few days later, Shirato Kana (Dorothy Little Happy) announced her hiatus, then Yuhi (The Hoopers) announced her graduation alongside Mizuki, with Kana and Yuhi both struggling with their health.
Tsubaki Factory made their major debut.


Tanaka Mirei (SUPER GiRLS) resumed her activities.
Maeshima Ami (SUPER GiRLS) announced her graduation and graduated at the end of the month.
Influencer became Nogizaka46's best selling single.
Futaba Nae (Mousou Calibaration) suddenly left.
This month was a wave of graduations and disbandments, including those who were suspended back in January. It's made even worse that Ito Chiaki (AAA) also graduated on that month.


Shimada Haruka (AKB48 Team K), Kudo Haruka (Morning Musume '17), Sengoku Minami and Sato Ayano (both Up Up Girls (Kari)) announced their graduation.
AKB48 lost 3 of their oldest members.
Fujisaki Mayuka (Maneki Kecak), Imaizumi Yui (Keyakizaka46), Kidoguchi Sakurako (SUPER GiRLS) and Arai Maju (Little Glee Monster) suddenly took a break.
NGT48, Q'ulle and Niji no Conquistador made their major debut.
Obata Yuna (SKE48) and Jonishi Rei (NMB48) made their gravure debut.


Mizorogi Seran, Kodakari Momoka (Cheeky Parade) and Noda Hitomi (READY TO KISS) announced their graduation.
Yuhi and Mizuki (The Hoopers) successfully graduated from the group.


Kobayashi Rei (Yumemiru Adolescence) resumed her activities.
Asakura Kiki (Tsubaki Factory) took a break.
AKB48 Sousenkyo outdoor event cancelled, election transferred to a smaller indoor venue.
Watanabe Mayu (AKB48 Team B) announced her graduation.
C-ute disbanded.
LinQ has reformed. More than half of the members have graduated.
Yanagawa Nanami (Country Girls) and Danbara Ruru (Hello Project Kenshuusei) have joined Juice=Juice.
Kawamura Ayano (Hello Project Kenshuusei) and Funaki Musubu (Country Girls) have joined Angerme.
Morito Chisaki (Country Girls) have joined Morning Musume '17.
Miniature Garden disbanded due to Takenouchi Ramu's mother having an affair with a wota.
A jobless man was arrested for throwing flares at a Keyakizaka46 event.
Maneki Kecak has made their major debut.
Tsugunaga Momoko (Country Girls) graduated.


Fujii Rio (Kobushi Factory) got her contract terminated.
Ogawa Rena (Kobushi Factory) suddenly took a break.
AKB48 Team 8 debuted at Idol Yokocho.
Arakawa Yuna, Ishikawa Natsumi and Funaki Saori (Akishibu Project) have graduated from the group.
Arai Maju (Little Glee Monster) has graduated from the group.
Yamada Suzu (NMB48) made her gravure debut.


Nakamoto Himeka (Nogizaka46) announced her graduation.
Mogami Moga (Dempagumi Inc.) suddenly left the group.
Goto Moe (AKB48) made her gravure debut.
Tokyo Idol Festival 2017 had a record attendance of 81,378.
Takiguchi Hikari and Misaki Misato (drop) announced her graduation.
Amamiya Otoha (Tada Onna no Ko) left the group after she was found out that she was pregnant. Due to this, the release for the four remaining members was cancelled, and the unit suddenly disbanded.
Hirota Aika (Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku) announced her graduation.


Kaminaguchi Himeka (Idol College) got her contract terminated.
Kidoguchi Sakurako (SUPER GiRLS) and Ogawa Rena (Kobushi Factory) have graduated.
Imaizumi Yui (Keyakizaka46) has resumed her activities.
Michishige Saho (Houkago Princess) was demoted.
Watanabe Kurumi (Ange Reve) made her guest appearance at an Arc Jewel Novice live.
Tokyo CuteCute made their major debut.


Matsuda Ayuna (Jewel Neige) made her guest appearance at an Ange Reve live.
Arc Jewel Novice has been renamed to Jewel Neige.
Harajuku Monogatari has been renamed to Monogatari.
Watanabe Kurumi (Ange Reve) has graduated from the group.
Osaka Shunkashuto made their major debut.


Former members of Nijiiro Fanfare have sued their former agency due to unfair clauses.
All 3 remaining members of HR have graduated from the group.
Kaze Hikaru Fukurou made their major debut.
Palet has announced their disbandment most likely due to budget issues.
GEM suddenly cancelled all events due to unknown reasons.


Taguchi Natsumi (Kobushi Factory) was removed from the group.
AKB48 Shuffle was announced.
Last Idol made their major debut.
Watanabe Mayu has officially graduated from AKB48.
Ito Marika has officially graduated from Nogizaka46.
Shirakata Reo, 11 years old, has joined Idol College.

Dec 14 2017 10:45 PM
Thank you! This is an impressive list! Of course all the graduation are saddening, even more that an idol passed away :(. DIANNA☆SWEET also disbanded (in March 2017) and I think you could also mention Tsugunaga Monoko's graduation as she had been an idol for such a long time :).

Kudo Haruka graduated from MM17 in December 2017.


And holy moly there were a lot of scandals in the Idol world in 2017. :o

Yes, there are a lot. I've been lurking at sites such as Goodbye Idol's Twitter, Chika Idol Matome, Natalie and more.


SNS Scandal, Demise at the age of 18, Typhoon Cancellation, Marriage Announcement, Pregnancy Announcement, Handshake Event Scare, and more. Easily the worst year of idols.