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A anime,and the manga.

Posted by Bakachinu~, 15 September 2017 · 205 views

I wonder why there isn't a anime? There is the manga, which was around the 4th and 6th generation. I have 1-6,but not Musume Monogatiari ALIVE! (Musume Monogatari is the name of the manga). So then, why isn't there a anime? This is how I think the layout of the seasons should be...

Season 1:
About the 1st generation and how Morning Musume came to life.

Season 2:
(it should be obvious now)
About the 2nd generation.

Yeah, so in total, the could be more than 17 seasons, if Morning Musume is ongoing.

The manga. So the manga is by Rika Tanaka and someone else, but I forgot their name...
Anyways, 1-5 is about the "Golden Era (i think)", and 6-8 (why i said eight is because in TOTAL, there are eight volumes) is about the 6th generation. (yes, the Rokkies)

The manga is NOT based on real events, (as a translation said so) so even though there is so much crying, it's just fictional. It's all in Japanese, so when I got my manga, the only thing i understood was the kanji for "Morning Musume" and thats all. There is also stickers, which i was really happy about. Volume 6 had a group sticker, (which is what some of the volumes have), and showed Tanaka Reina in a outfit which was familar.
If you remember that global warming play that MM did, you might remember.

Anyways, i guess that's it?

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