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Kudo Haruka: “Stay-At-Home Wota Can Be In Haru-chan’s Adventure Squad Too!”

Posted by ailuromancie, 08 December 2016 · 1107 views
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Hello, pals! Below is a 2ch translation that originally went up on my new matome blog, Morning Matome . If you like reading wota's opinions on H!P shenanigans, I'll be posting translations (and some fansubs) on there from now on.

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And now for...

Oda Left Out of Arrangements for the 12th Gen’s Anniversary Surprise

Posted by ailuromancie, 21 October 2016 · 1146 views
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This is a matome translation! Jokes about Oda’s generation-of-one loneliness never seem to get old among the wota. Seems they’re rooted in some truth, though, as Ayumi and Eripon seem to have some trouble remembering her existence...



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