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Hello Project Summer Concerts experience

Posted by Kinjiru, 07 August 2017 · 652 views

So I attended both concerts on Saturday (August 5th) and 2 out of 3 concerts on Sunday (August 6th). Just wanna ramble and geek out over the whole thing a loooooot since it's the first time I have consumed this amount of Hello Project in such a short time. Normally I just go to one live on a day but I managed to win two good tickets from the fan club for...

Juice=Juice Christmas Events 18/12/2016

Posted by Kinjiru, 20 December 2016 · 876 views

I went to the 2nd and 3rd Christmas Events and both events had the same structure and songs, but the first 'corner' (game) was different.

I walked into the first event not expecting too much, because I was in the 18th row, which is often so far from the stage that you can barely make out their faces. Shoved directly against the back of the middle 18th ro...

Iikubo Haruna's Birthday event: 14/11/2016

Posted by Kinjiru, 14 November 2016 · 564 views

Aaaaand, I'm back! That was fun!

So Sawayaka Goro was the MC and that's a good thing because he's damn good at following up and initiating jokes. The first corner was basically Harunan (looking as beautiful as ever) cooking a certain dish. While the dish was in the oven, she'd be answering fan questions from a box. Tbqh it wasn't very exciting, it was mo...

Morning Musume Concert: My Vision 13/11/2016

Posted by Kinjiru, 13 November 2016 · 521 views

Just came back from the MoMusu Concert in Saitama. Headed there straight after a Cheki 2shot with Country Girls and had a CG live in Tochigi on Saturday so it's been a busy weekend. Still have Haruna's birthday event left tomorrow so it's not about to end yet.

So Saitama is right next to Tokyo and the concert hall was maybe like 25 minutes from Shinjuku...

Nonaka Miki's Birthday Event 21/10/2016

Posted by Kinjiru, 21 October 2016 · 621 views

Just came back from her Birthday Event in Kameari! I'll just do a short recap of events since honesty, there were lots of random talking bits in between the games and I can't remember them all anymore @[email protected]

The mc was Sawayaka Goro and they talked a bit at the start. Nonaka said she was really nervous but that must have only lasted shortly because she cert...

Yamaki Risa's Birthday Event 14/10/2016

Posted by Kinjiru, 14 October 2016 · 653 views

I randomly post my event attendances in threads, but since it's very unorganized and I'd rather have it all in one place I'll put them down in blog entries as I go to more of them.

So~ I just came back from her Birthday Event and will report on it. If you don't want to be spoiled on what will be on the Birthday Event DVD, don't read it!

I arrived at Tok...

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