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Retro Game #5: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II

Posted by Silverbolt, 12 June 2008 · 396 views

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Here's retro game #5 for the year: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II for the NES. I actually finished this a while ago, but am just now getting around to posting about it. ^_^

I chose this game based off of a recommendation by Xeqcme in an earlier post on this blog, and I also remember playing it at my cousin's house many years ago. I never had my own copy of this game, so I really wasn't familiar with it before I started. I played this game using Nestopia on my PC.

I'm sure that veterans of this game will disagree, but I think the game is very hard. I couldn't get past the first level without dying at least once. Seeing as how there's lots of stages and limited continues, I decided to hunt for some cheats. I found an old Game Genie code for infinite lives and used that so I wouldn't have to spend days trying to master this game.

Honestly, I found this game to be really repetitive and kind of boring. Use the A-B move to kill the little enemies and then get creamed by the boss. Repeat as necessary. It may have been because I was unfamiliar with the game, but I found it impossible to beat any boss without dying at least twice during the battle. So, it eventually became like, "When will this boss battle be over?" Maybe playing with a buddy might have made the game more fun.

Eventually, I did reach the end, but as is the case with most retro games, the ending was not really much of a reward. :good:

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5 down, 45 to go. Next game: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the NES

Hey! I was just playing this game last weekend with one of my cousins. Not on the original NES, but on my softmodded Xbox. How nostalgic it was to hear the music, sounds and actually play the game with the very same people I used to play with as a kid. I'd play the NES version, but my system has been out of commission for years now.

Just so you know, yes, it's fun with a friend. Then again, what game isn't fun with a friend? Hehe, oh and the arcade version is even better. XD

I see you're going to start playing the first TMNT game for the NES. As a warning, I'll have you know that it's one of the hardest TMNT games. Maybe the hardest, I'm not too sure since I've never played any of the horrid TMNT games they've made recently.
Ah, the AB move (Go Raph!) haha...the trick to beating the bosses is to jump kick. Timing meant everything XD
The ending really wasn't great...I can't even remember it actually haha. I was wondering what those screen shots were until I noticed it was the Technodrome! However, it was very rewarding for my friend and I. I spent years trying to beat it, but it's too hard alone and he spent weeks getting back his "skills" so that we could team up XD

Oh yeah, Contra! You should play that too! Also on the NES.

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