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Retro Game #4: Double Dragon II

Posted by Silverbolt, 09 April 2008 · 275 views

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I finally got around to finishing my 4th retro video game of the year: Double Dragon II for the NES.

Double Dragon II is a game I played to death when I was a kid. It's one of my all-time favorites. Even to this day, I still fire it up and play it just for some quick fun. This time, I played the game on my PC using Nestopia.

This is a game that I know almost as well as the back of my hand. I know exactly where every enemy is going to be, and I know lots of neat little tricks and gimmicks to mess with the baddies and cruise through the game. It's been quite a while since I finished my previous retro game, but that's mainly because I was too busy doing other things. Double Dragon II really only took me a few hours to beat.

I used the old "start a two player game and kill player two to get his lives" trick, but I really didn't need it. I thought I might make some mistakes like jumping off a cliff or falling out of the helicopter, which I did, but then I found out that the emulator I was using has a rewind feature. ^_^ I know this game well enough to get through it without using any cheats or emulator features, but then I would have to play carefully, and that's no fun. Things like knocking bad guys into holes and trying to get them to fall out of the helicopter door are risky, but that's what makes the game so much fun. :lol:

Again, this is a game I know very well, so it was a fairly smooth ride to the ending. Of course, I skipped all of the storytelling between the levels, so I didn't really care about the ending. ^_^

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4 down, 46 to go. Next up: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game for the NES

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