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Retro Gaming

Posted by Silverbolt, 04 March 2008 · 375 views
Video Games
Recently, I have been watching a lot of episodes of Game Center CX, and as a result, I've found myself playing a lot of old video games. While I was playing a game a few days ago, I came up with an idea for a nice little challenge for myself: try to beat 50 retro games by the end of 2008.



Posted by Silverbolt, 20 February 2008 · 235 views
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I haven't made a new entry in a while... What's been keeping me busy? School and the activity pictured above: fansubbing. Yup, even though I don't know much Japanese, I...

Download Options

Posted by Silverbolt, 30 January 2008 · 403 views
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Do the highlighted numbers in this image seem strange to anyone? I uploaded the same episode of Idoling!!! to two places: Mediafire first, then Jpopsuki....

AKB48 > Idoling!!! > Morning Musume?

Posted by Silverbolt, 25 January 2008 · 516 views
Japanese Entertainment
While browsing around 2ch, I noticed some threads talking about AKB48's new show, AKB 1ji 59fun. To be specific, the thread titles I saw looked like this:

AKB 1ji 59fun 2.4%>>>>>>>>>Idoling!!! Nikki 1.0%>[email protected] 0.8%

Now that AKB48, Idoling!!!, and Morning Musume all have variety shows, people...

League Night 2008.01.11

Posted by Silverbolt, 17 January 2008 · 122 views
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I haven't made a league night post in a very long time, so let me first catch up on what's been going on with my bowling activities. The last time I made a league night post was last...


Posted by Silverbolt, 07 January 2008 · 228 views

Man... I wish J-Pop acts had the singing talent and ability to remember lines that these K-Pop people have.



Posted by Silverbolt, 04 January 2008 · 347 views
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We're well into 2008, so I thought I'd make most of my first blog post of the new year about the end of 2007. :D

I got some nice Christmas presents in 2007. This was the first year where I...

PC Upgrade Results and Future Project

Posted by Silverbolt, 13 November 2007 · 109 views
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Almost two months after I got it up and running, I'm finally ready to talk about how my PC...

Yuko Ogura on American TV

Posted by Silverbolt, 21 October 2007 · 288 views
Japanese Entertainment
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"So, I saw Yukorin on TV today..." is not something I ever planned on saying, but it's true.

Last month, the 2007 JPBA/PBA Dydo Japan Cup took place in Tokyo. It's a...

Idoling!!! Downloads

Posted by Silverbolt, 19 October 2007 · 289 views
I found a Mediafire page with some Idoling!!! files for download. Right now, it has some episodes of their show and both of their singles. I have a good feeling that we'll soon see more files uploaded on this site.


Yeah, it's mine....

PC Upgrade

Posted by Silverbolt, 13 September 2007 · 135 views
I've decided to give my old 3 GHz Pentium 4 machine an overhaul. Recently, I've been seeing more and more videos encoded in MPEG-4 AVC, so I have been playing with it a lot. I like to encode a lot of videos just to test different settings and formats. I'm always searching for a good balance between quality and file size. I've encoded a few...

Saturday Otakon Report!

Posted by Silverbolt, 02 September 2007 · 202 views
Saturday started nice and early for me... Around 7 AM, that is. I don't know if it was excitement or the fact that we were planning to leave at 9 AM, but by 7:00, I was wide awake. I spent a little time surfing the Internet in the morning, but the rest of the time was devoted to getting ready for Otakon. After washing up, eating breakfast, getting...

Friday Otakon Report!

Posted by Silverbolt, 30 July 2007 · 344 views
Over a week after the end of the convention, I've finally gotten around to writing a report about my trip to Otakon. I'm sorry it took me so long to write one. I needed quite a few days to settle down after the weekend, and then I had a bunch of other things to do, like catch up on Idoling!!! episodes and clean up the digital mess that...

AAA at Otakon... Part 2

Posted by Silverbolt, 20 July 2007 · 239 views
Well, the day's finally here. It's the first day of Otakon, and AAA's concert is scheduled for 7:00 PM. After seeing the schedule and noticing that the autograph sessions are on Saturday and Sunday, I had to ask my cousin if he could take me on Saturday, too. Luckily, he said that was OK. I owe him big time. Thank you so much, Ray! :(


New Stuff

Posted by Silverbolt, 14 July 2007 · 235 views
It's been a while, hasn't it? I've been meaning to make a post about some new things that I've bought, but I always push it off. Now, they're not really new anymore, but I decided to make a post about them anyway.

First off is my new bowling ball, a Brunswick Vapor...

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  • Forgotten Worlds (Genesis)
  • Double Dragon II (NES)
  • TMNT (NES)
  • Double Dragon (Master System)

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