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Kon'ya dake ukaretakatta-Cover

Posted by Naki-chan, 05 August 2018 · 546 views
cover, tsubaki factory

It's amazing how Tsubaki is becoming one of my favorite groups so quickly, this girls are so promising so of course I had to cover their last single, hope you like it and don't forget to Stan tsubaki! :lol: <3

Kimi Dake Ja Nai Sa...Friends (Acoustic Ver.)-Cover

Posted by Naki-chan, 20 May 2018 · 280 views
angerme, cover, jpop
Ah, this song and its meaning is so beautiful and I really like acoustic versions, (it gives another vibe to the song and it's easy to cover ^^;), so I thought on making my own version, I hope you like it!. <3

Vivid Midnight-Cover

Posted by Naki-chan, 06 May 2018 · 477 views
juice=juice, vivid midnight, jpop and 1 more...
It's been a long time since I did my last Hello!Project cover and I don't know why, :ongaku: especially with all this good songs lately like Vivid Midnight, Juice=Juice fits this style so much! Don't you think? I hope you like it my version! <3

Once Upon a December Cover

Posted by Naki-chan, 14 September 2017 · 429 views

Not H!P or Kpop related, but still.. :rolleyes:

Lonely~Piano Ver Cover

Posted by Naki-chan, 25 August 2017 · 307 views

Fiesta! Fiesta! Cover

Posted by Naki-chan, 19 August 2017 · 311 views
juice=juice, cover

I loved to sing words in spanish <3​ I hope more groups add spanish to their songs.

As if it's your last~piano ver~-Cover

Posted by Naki-chan, 10 August 2017 · 308 views
Not H!P related but...

SANRAIZU ☼ FACTORY-We are looking for a Mao! [CLOSED]

Posted by Naki-chan, 17 May 2017 · 723 views

SANRAIZU ☼ FACTORY-We are looking for a Mao! [CLOSED] There's still a spot available on Tsubaki Factory's GroupDub to cover Mao! If you are interested please contact me!

Mao render by: http://haro-renders.tumblr.com/

SANRAIZU ☼ FACTORY-Groupdub Project

Posted by Naki-chan, 09 May 2017 · 695 views
tsubaki factory, cover, groupdub
SANRAIZU ☼ FACTORY-Groupdub Project Hi! if you like Tsubaki Factory and singing this may be a great opportunity!. There's a new project going on in the fan's comunitty to create a groupdub who would cover camellia's songs. To join, you only need to fill this form!: https://docs.google....gWLt_C_40WsJ...

Peanut butter Jelly Love

Posted by Naki-chan, 13 March 2017 · 604 views
cover, country girls and 1 more...

Another cover, kind of embarrasing :blush:

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