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I don't usually repost from 4chan

Posted by PCC, 15 November 2016 · 816 views

Ani Tore! XX ADONIS /fit/
I don't usually repost from 4chan But reviews of the excercise anime from "ADONIS" chan is surprisingly educational. This was for episode 6.

ADONIS !BELTaolH0E 11/10/16(Thu)01:56:41 No.149575789
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new character a cute. a cute!

>exercise 1
nothing wrong with doing these as long as the ball doesn't fly out from underneath you and you snap your shit. doing it on a ball is more beneficial than the floor in some ways because you can work stabilizers and obliques more because the ball tends to bounce and move a bit. if you don't want to use a ball but still want to try the big negative stretch, try doing situps on a decline bench.

>exercise 2
holy ###### that range of motion is absolutely pathetic. she is doing nothing. pretty sure we've gone over squats a few times before so check the archive. when you squat you should be going as low as you can (ATG) or at least going to/just below parallel. if you are squatting with weight please look up form videos and or have someone critique your form or take a video of yourself, it's very likely you will snap your shit up if you don't learn to do them properly.

9/10 episode, only thing that sucked was that squat depth works nothing really. as the old adage goes, lower faggot.

ask questions until the thread 404s, read the sticky on /fit/, and maybe one day we'll make the /sakuraempireliftingteam

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