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Not a review of Solaris by comrade Stanislav Lem

Posted by PCC, 22 September 2016 · 1350 views

cosmic horror lem SPACE the manga is better Sidonia Nihei Tsutomu
Not a review of Solaris by comrade Stanislav Lem Hahahha. I'm kidding. This is (NOT REALLY)a review of Knights of Sidonia/ Cydonia No Kishi. The manga anyway. The anime just made it more creepy in a different way because the horrors of budget-CGI. It does vaguely reference the names found in Solaris, and the big bad alien is vaguely similar.

Ermmm... welll.. wtf can I say? The penis monster "won". As in it/she won the "harem bowl". Probably the only manga/anime where a penis monster wins the guy/girl. Not including porno, of course. It's a mecha show, it's also a harem. Don't expect Infinite Stratos though. The girls are not that cute, except the one who dies and turns into a horrible shapeshifting monster. Okay , the clone sisters are cute too, but they're so irrelevent that nobody cares. Would have liked the ending better if even the tsundere bitch robot won. Heck, it would be less creepy if the bear-suited immortal grandma won. WTF, japan. To add insult to injury, one of the dumped harem girls/androgyn even turns into a guy and hooks up with a female in the ending. Talk about traumatic break ups.

Okay there are good points to this manga. There's a decent amount of world building, the ship designs are rather exotic, the artwork is quite gritty and gory just the way I like it. You like plot twists? This manga is full of it. Also it's no gundam where the heroman teenager saves a day with an invincible giantrobo. It's more like zombie-alien breakout survivalist fiction IN SPACE!

As for the anime, I guess this review is fairly accurate.

My bad. The androgyn stays female. One of the MC's fangirls decided to turn into a cyborg male to fug the androgyn. Seriously.

and i guess the op song for 2nd season of the anime is pretty cool too. though it sounds too much like the op for attack on titans.


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