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"terror terror... i mean err... ah live mah live for beggars"- random BUSH!

Posted by PCC, 16 June 2014 · 235 views

terror not non-music stuff strongbad NSFW
errmmm, sorry. not safe for work btw. i can't selfcensor pakistani tv.


at least we're not haboring terrorists???

(w)ould you believe this? Lahore beggars have an association and they hold a lottery each other and the winning beggar is sent abroad for tourism to any country of choice, all expenses paid. This year Noor Muhammad, a beggar won the qura andazi, and he was sent to Singapore for picnic, and his travel, hotel, and meals expenses were paid.

nope. just your friendly neigbourhood pakistani beggar sect chopping up legs with an old skool saw, because they couldn't figure out how to use an electric jigsaw. (i really doubt an electric saw made for woodwork would work well on flesh and bone anyway.)

While there in Singapore, enjoying the alms money given by the charitable people of Lahore, Noor Muhammad the beggar also smuggled in tissue papers and stated selling them. He teamed up with two other Pakistani nationals, Ramzan Rizwan, 25, and Rasheed Muhammad, 43 and was having one great time.

The trio was selling the tissue papers, working illegally on tourist visit visa. But then they fought each other, and Ramzan and Rasheed killed Noor, and some days Singaporean police found a legless body. They investigated and found all clues and have arrested the culprits and also looking further into this issue.

Singaporean public is also in shock and they are openly speaking against these foreign nationals working illegally in their country and committing horrendous crimes. They are demanding stern action from their government and they are also asking for strict punishments. I fear that this might toughen up the visa laws for Pakistanis.

damn tourists!

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