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Hello! Online! : Nightmare on Kanagawa by Sexy Wolverine Subgroup

Posted by PCC, 18 May 2014 · 201 views

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Hello! Online! : Nightmare on Kanagawa   by Sexy Wolverine  Subgroup http://www.fanficmak...0,1400447260453

"inspired" by wota in translation AKA henkka, and 2channelings.

Once apon a time...

Serenity Serentiy Glorifica Godess

I was born under the shady dark red moon of the last oktober of the second millenium after the Great Shit. It is said that when I was born it rained for 40 days and 50 nights.

My father was the king of all the lands of our kingdom from the Beyond. My mother was born of the Ferry of Wisdom and Beauty.

Every day I ware the most beautyfil outfits the worlds have ever seen. My favourte is a deep red jacket that reaches down to my angles and is decorated with signs of insignia. I take long walks at the palance dark forrest where I am acoompanied by my faithful Jortföljitr (A/N: I got that name after I watched Thor!), my faithful companion ferral dire lionworf.

But one day I was walking down the beach and then I saw a great dark light appearing in the middle of the beach. It was great and dark and was everywhere but especially the middle where it was the greatest and darkest of all.

Oh faithful Jortfulljitar! I said!
Jortfalhitr looked at me with his great black eyes and snuffled up to me in fear and comfort. And growled at the grat Black and Dark lgith. Jortfialjiral was a great and vicious beast I evaganlised in my head. But I must have said it out loud because behind me a mysterious voice said Thats indeed a great and vicious beast you have there.
It was Kuma-chan!

I had heard of Kuma-chan all this time but I had never met Her! I wouldn't have dreamed to actually see that She existed in this dimension! My father is the king of all the realms and dimensions and he had known that Kuma-chan lived in one of his rears and but it was quite exciting.

But I cared for none of that. Because when I saw Kuma-chan, I was burning in her the great spherical orbs of her soul that was embedded deeply wthin her head.
After what seemed like many eternitys we were awoken from our mutational dream . Because.......!!
Eyjafjallajökul groelwd once more at the great black thing (it was sort of like a swirly thing, but sworly doesn't quite sound epic so i didn't describe it as swirly. But it knid of is)... and it rapped open!

From within the deepest and darkest earas of the realsm I saw forthcoming a beast of greatness. It's evilness was radiating from the skins of other beings that it wore and swriwling around its head ( I think it was its head) came forth the souls of the beings that had suffered while it atea them.
I was flabbergasted. I reached out from my blue jacket and I held before more the AllDUst that my mother had enstruated to me so long ago. I held it before me and spoke the words in the acient Furry Langugae that my mother had taught to me as her mother had taught it to her and hers mother had taught it to her after she had won those words from the Great Dragon JarriJalleJar!
JortFullJarriJalle was a great evil beast that had tomented the lands of my father and my father couln't do anything about it because he was yet still a small child of a boy (my father is really old you see, like the Doctor!)

Fortunately PA-san worked at a newspaper nowadays and he used the hysterical records of the newspaper to find out the wherabouts of Chinami-domo's groopies.
Their search led to a night club in the darkiest and stormiest part of Kanagawa. I was a little hesitant to go. It was rather scary and it was dark and stomy in that secting of Kanagawa. But the courage in me was greater than my fear because with Kuma-chan's Stare idly at the wall I should be able to accomplish anything, right, I thought to myself.
And PA-san would join me.

So not to fall out of fashion we both donned their darkest clothing. I had to admit that PA-san looked kind of sexy in that outfit of his. But I didn't dare to comment on that.
I instead poored down my soul into my make-up. I bore gorgeous blood-red finger nails with black streaking zig-zags and gave PA-san matching treatment. PA-san incandesent eyes met mine and for a moment we were both swimming in a pool made of a lovely combination of their eyes colours. It was romance we knew, but we didn't know whether it was a forbidden one or not!

Then we went off and defeated Chinami-domo.
So we defeated Chinami-domo and everyone was satisfied!

Chinami-domo: what do you mean, it's not over yet?! I'm invincible!
Me (Sir Sexy Wolverine Subgroup): No No, back into your casket!
Chinami-domo: Grrrr. You will never get me in my box. I am too large and too sexy!
Author: Ohh no, it looks like the characters still want a story!
Me: of course we do! Or cake. I love cake!
Chinami-domo: Well I'm gonna steal your cake!
Me: Noooo! Without cake I'll turn back to drink!
Chinami-domo: mhuahahaha, life isn't worht living without caaaaaaaaake, so just die already will you?!
Me: Bwwwaaa!, life isn't worth living without the awesomeness of cake. Farewell cruel world!
Manager-san: chotto mate-ah!
Chinami-domo: huh ;^_^;
Sir Sexy Wolverine Subgroup: domo desu-ka @[email protected]?
Me: Caaaaaake, need cake. Like brains, but cake!
Manager-san: well, I want you, how about that?
Manager-san winked at me, but .
But Sir Sexy Wolverine Subgroup was all hot 'n that, I thought. So I pecked Sir Sexy Wolverine Subgroup on her cheek and winked longingly at her.

Author: well, looks like they'll be busy for a little while. Cake?.
Chinami-domo: Nooo the cake is a lie. Gimme it!

The end

fake author's note: i am greatly confused now. did "i" make out with myself in the endo?

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