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PCC's Abyssal Depths Of Satanism :^D


Posted by PCC, 26 June 2017 · 1372 views
miura, berserk, casca, moe and 2 more...
PPP Berserk is penis monsters now. Factchecked.

Eriri loses (Saekano)

Posted by PCC, in Ze Animes 21 June 2017 · 424 views
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Eriri loses (Saekano) Yeah fook you too, Eri. Izumi is best girl!

Well okay, we all know Megumi will win anyway. And Izumi pretty much thinks of Blessing girl as MC's GF anyway.

Here's hoping for a S3 soon, but I doubt it. Looks like the anime already covered most of the LN. I don't read the LN so I'm not really sure.

Summary of the ending of Regalia: 3 Sacred Loli Demi-GOD Gundams

Posted by PCC, in Ze Animes 03 January 2017 · 991 views
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Summary of the ending of Regalia: 3 Sacred Loli Demi-GOD Gundams Classical Evil Villain(Johann no Strauss): Bahahhaha!!! How dare you defeat my Mobile Armor stolen from Zeon! WTF I should have destroyed the world with the Soul Sucker 3000 along with you girlies while I had the chance! BOO! But hell no! I love gloating while giving le heroes enough time to fight back.... Maybe I should have grown a sinister moustache an...

I don't usually repost from 4chan

Posted by PCC, 15 November 2016 · 817 views
Ani Tore! XX, ADONIS, /fit/
I don't usually repost from 4chan But reviews of the excercise anime from "ADONIS" chan is surprisingly educational. This was for episode 6.

Not blorge

Posted by PCC, 14 November 2016 · 608 views
plot, tweeeest, dungeon, meshi
Not blorge Ah, wth, author-man. You're gonna kill the imouto TWICE? In a cooking manga? Well, i'm gonna go re-read goblin slayer to feel "fluffy" again.

Dungeons and Dragqueens NOT.

Posted by PCC, 04 November 2016 · 763 views
magical girls of the endo and 3 more...
Dungeons and Dragqueens NOT. https://myanimelist....me_of_Fall_2016

Just like last season was full of yaoi-bait, this season has Maho Shojos.

1st impressions:-

Magical Girl Raising Project= It's Mai-hime all over again. I liked Maihime(the manga), so I'll keep an eye on this one.

Flip Flappers= I dunno. I don't l...

Not a review of Solaris by comrade Stanislav Lem

Posted by PCC, 22 September 2016 · 1362 views
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Not a review of Solaris by comrade Stanislav Lem Hahahha. I'm kidding. This is (NOT REALLY)a review of Knights of Sidonia/ Cydonia No Kishi. The manga anyway. The anime just made it more creepy in a different way because the horrors of budget-CGI. It does vaguely reference the names found in Solaris, and the big bad alien is vaguely similar.

Ermmm... welll.. wtf can I say? The penis monster "won". As i...

Vanishing Kiwi fruits

Posted by PCC, in Muzak 14 July 2016 · 711 views
repost, translation, buono!
Vanishing  Kiwi fruits http://www.kiwi-musu...ushitsuten.html

Not my translation, of course, but I noticed http://www.projecthello.com/ doesn't have the english translation of Varnishing Point by Buono!, but it's on Kiwi-musume, which is kind of a dead website now. So I guess I'll copy paste it here just in case.


Shoushitsuten -Vani...

The Boruto "fanart" is great

Posted by PCC, 09 July 2016 · 685 views

The Boruto "fanart" is great I seriously prefer Springitme of Youth though.

Existential introspection on manliness and HOTBLOODED-NESS in Spockian times.

Posted by PCC, 04 April 2016 · 809 views
Waka, waka
Existential introspection on manliness and HOTBLOODED-NESS in Spockian times. posting MANLY OP/EDs just because. well, nothing as ridiculous.... i mean STRONK!!! as One Punch Man's OP but you get the idea.

Never gave up(on more engrish!) by ALL OFF, 2nd OP of Heavy Object.

"Katararezu Tomo (カタラレズトモ)" by ZAQ, OP of Concrete Revolution.


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