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Update on my close friend with Jpop

Posted by ShiningLight445, 06 March 2017 · 569 views

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This blog is an update from this one from back in 2015.http://www.hello-onl...ike-juicejuice/

So back in 2015 I introduced my best friend Claire to Juice=Juice. She loves France and France-related things, and Ca Va Ca Va was the perfect song. She absolutely loved it. With that song, she began to follow Juice=Juice. We always update each other on new releases and things. And I even told her about Tomoko and her medical diagnosis.
Previously, she had only listened to anime music. We always listen to anime music in the car while we drive and spend time together, so of course she wasn't new to Japanese.

Following the new like for Juice=Juice, I knew I would overwhelm her with all the other H!P artists (especially with Momusu and their 18+ year history at the time ^^; ). So I just kept it at Juice=Juice for the time being.

Well, one day we were driving and there was heavy traffic going home. She kept saying that she was tired of listening to her music over and over. So that's when I got out my ipod. "Don't play any music - I will probably just be addicted to it as usual. As it's your fault" as she teased. Hahaha which its true. I usually start something and she usually says it's always my fault XD lol

Well, that day I just did some random stuff. I really love Ieiri Leo, and I played a couple of her songs. And then I added one song of C-ute, which was EVERYDAY Zekkouchou. After she took me home, and when she got home herself, she texted me and said "I need those songs!!"
What have I done? LOL

So I told her a tiny bit about C-ute. She knew Buono, and I told her that a member of Buono came from C-ute. She thought that was really cool. And the day after she told me that she got a lot of Ieiri Leo's songs on itunes. I would always update her when there were new releases.

Fast forward to a couple of months later. I was with Claire again and we were driving (we drive everywhere, I swear XD ) But she had her music play on shuffle, and there's songs that I am interested in, so I look at the name of the artists. To my surprise, they were songs from IRIS an EbiChuu!! :omg: Wow!! I didn't know she knew them! I guess she just heard the songs at random and just got their songs.

Another I introduced to her recently was Kikkawa Yuu (mainly because she has that long song Hana, and Claire loves flowers XD ). I completely forgot to mention that I even shared to her the awesomeness that is Perfume. She loves them so much.

So if you can't tell, she is well aware of a lot of artists. I'm so happy that I have someone close to me who knows the idols that I like too. I wonder who else she will get to love?? ^-^

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