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Graduated and Promoted Members of 48Group - Last 6 Months of 2016

Posted by ShiningLight445, 31 December 2016 · 710 views

48G Graduations Last 6 Months of 2016
This is a compilation of members from AKB48, SKE48, NMB48, HKT48, NGT48, JKT48, Nogizaka46 and Keyakizaka46, who have either been promoted or have graduated within the first 6 months of 2016. The following information is categorized by group. This is for easy access for knowledge of 48Group this half of the year.


This list of promoted members includes Kenkyuusei of each group.
The list of graduated members include both regular and Kenkyuusei members.
This list doesn't include transferred members or kennin members.
The list does include Team 8 members and Baito Paruru Selection.
Promoted and graduated members begin from July to December.
Graduation would mean anyone who withdrew, left, or graduated by concert, theater, or specific reason.

Due to the controversy surrounding SNH48 and the sister groups BEJ48 and GNZ48, they are not included in this compilation. If someone reads this and wishes to know the information, I will gladly send you a private message with the information.

This list does not include:

Kojima Haruna (February 2017)

Owada Nana (sometime in 2017)

Aigasa Moe (March 2017)

Umeta Ayano (March 2017)

Nishino Miki (sometime in 2017)

Yoshino Miyu (sometime in 2017)

Jonishi Kei (sometime in 2017)

Yabushita Shu (sometime in 2017)

Wakatabe Haruka (January 2017)

Hashimoto Nanami (February 2017)

Mizusawa Ayaka (March 2017)

Take some time to appreciate each member, whether graduated or promoted, for their time, love, and talent as being part of a 48Group. As for myself, I hope graduated members will follow their dreams whatever they may be, and promoted members can grow in their talents and also follow their dreams.

Graduated Members

AKB48 Team A: Maeda Ami, Hirata Rina, Shimazaki Haruka, Ogasawara Mayu
AKB48 Team 8: Kita Reina, Kondo Moeri
AKB48 Baito Paruru Selection: Shigefumi Fuyuka, Hinode Yuka

SKE48 Team S: Miyamae Ami
SKE48 Team E: Shibata Aya
SKE48 Team Kenkyuusei: Murai Junna, Kawasaki Narumi

NMB48 Team N: Kishino Rika
NMB48 Team BII: Watanabe Miyuki, Ueda Mirei, Kinoshita Haruna, Matsuoka Chiho, Kurokawa Hazuki

HKT48 Team H: Anai Chihiro
HKT48 Team Kenkyuusei: Otoshima Risa

NGT48: None

Nogizaka46: None

Keyakizaka46: None

JKT48 Team J: Rezky Wiranti Dhike, Ghaida Farisya, Sendy Ariani, Nakagawa Haruka
JKT48 Team KIII: Jennifer Hanna
JKT48 Trainee: Helma Sonya, Rissanda Putri Tuarissa

Graduation Full Year Statistics

AKB – 25

SKE – 10

NMB – 12

HKT – 4

NGT, Keyaki– 0

Nogi – 2

JKT - 19

Promoted Members

AKB48 Team 8: Takahashi Sayaka, Hirano Hikaru

SKE48 Team S: Machi Otoha, Isshiki Rena, Kamimura Ayuka
SKE48 Team KII: Mizuno Airi, Ota Ayaka
SKE48 Team E: Asai Yuka, Suenaga Oka, Takahata Yuki

NMB48 Team N: Yamamoto Ayaka
NMB48 Team M: Hori Shion, Yasuda Momone
NMB48 Team BII: Muranaka Yuki

HKT48: None

NGT48: None

Nogizaka46: None

Keyakizaka46: None

JKT48 Team T*: Adriani Elisabeth, Christi, Cindy Hapsari Maharani Pujiantoro Putri, Fidly Immanda Azzahra, Jinan Safa Safira, Made Devi Ranita Ningtara, Melati Putri Rahel Sesilia, Sri Lintang, Tan Zhi Hui Celine, Zahra Yuriva Dermawan, Adhisty Zara, Elizabeth Gloria Setiawan, Eve Antoinette Ichwan, Nurhayati, Puti Nadhira Azalia, Regina Angelina, Ruth Damayanti Sitanggang, Violeta Burhan

*Team T was changed due to the first Team Shuffle. These are the newly promoted members.

Promotion Full Year Statistics

AKB – 6

SKE – 8

NMB – 4

HKT – 10

NGT – 14

Nogi – 0

Keyaki – 0

JKT – 18

Link to First 6 Months of 2016: http://www.hello-onl...months-of-2016/

I try to be as accurate as I can. If something is wrong, please kindly let me know in the comments below.

Edit 1/12/17: SKE Kenkyuusei Kawasaki Narumi graduated December 27th, last handshake was January 8th. Fixed.

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