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I need a little help deciding

Posted by ShiningLight445, 09 May 2014 · 506 views
Music, Jpop, Hello!Project and 2 more...
My birthday is at the end of the month, and I have accumulated a good number of points on CDJapan, so I'm trying to decide which ones to buy, but I have a number of them that I want (and not a lot of money to get a lot at one time!)

I have narrowed it down to 20 items to choose from, and my order will be 5 cd's total, 2 Hello! Project, 2 of 48 Group, and...

On MM'14 and New York City Concert

Posted by ShiningLight445, 05 May 2014 · 323 views
MM14, Concert, New York City

As much as I am so, so, SO happy that the girls are coming to the U.S., and it's the east coast for a change, I know I can't make it.
Sure, I'm near Chicago. Not that hard to get a flight to New York.

I've been a MM fan since 2009, and even when they came to Los Angeles, it was way far for to me even attempt to come. Now that it's in New York and...

My thoughts on Singles - 1st quarter of 2014 (H!P Edition)

Posted by ShiningLight445, 17 March 2014 · 543 views
Thoughts, singles, 2014, H!P and 1 more...
So, since March has been here for awhile, I've decided to give my opinions on the singles/DVD singles of 2014, this time from H!P's side of Japan

I start with Juice=Juice because their single will be released in 2 days.

Title: Hadoka no Hadoka no Hadoka no KISS/Are Kore Shitai!

Song: I thought the 3x "Hadoka no" would be annoying, to be ho...

No More Being Greedy!

Posted by ShiningLight445, 05 March 2014 · 311 views
cds, music
So, I had a blog that stated that I was so expensive. Well...I feel that I am a bit too greedy here. So I cleaned up my list and will keep an updated track here for my own records.

Momusu: 10 cd's
Berryz: 3 cd's
C-ute: 2
S/mileage: 1
Juice=Juice: 0 <<< much easier on iTunes for me!

AKB: 8
SKE: 2
NMB: 1
HKT: 0 <<< Not yet, at leas...

H!P Ranking!

Posted by ShiningLight445, 16 February 2014 · 251 views

HARUNAN!!! :wub: <3



1位   飯窪 春菜  Iikubo Haruna
2位   石田亜佑美  Ishida Ayumi
3位   小田さくら  Oda Sakura
4位   鈴木 香音  Suzuki Kanon
5位   譜久村 聖  Fukumura Mizuki
6位   道重さゆみ  Michishige Sayumi
7位   熊井友理奈  Kumai Yurina
8位   鈴木 愛理  Suzuki Airi
9位   中西 香菜  Nakanishi Kana...

Why must I be so expensive??

Posted by ShiningLight445, 16 February 2014 · 474 views
cds, favorite groups, idol groups
Okay, first, I'm just a college student. I'm spending most of my money on college education, books, and helping me become a nurse in the future.

But I have a deep passion for JPop. And JPop can get so expensive when it comes to buying what I want!! :wacko:

For example, I'm a huge Momusu fan. I plan to get a good majority of their older singles via iTune...

MM'14 new fans

Posted by ShiningLight445, 29 January 2014 · 336 views
Morning Musume 14, fans
[from MM14's triple A side single forum]

So I’ve been waiting to do this for a long time. I guess I wanted to do it today, the release date, to say this.

At first, I was really afraid when first press editions came out, mainly because it came with a calendar and a photo of various kinds. It made me think,” hard core fans will go crazy with this feature,...

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