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Talented Nao Mimura

Posted by mountainoluv, 30 October 2020 · 361 views

Nao Mimura Twitter YouTube singer In Dream Mini album
Talented Nao Mimura Herein, I will address Japanese singer Nao Mimura, born July 21, 2001.

I became aware of Nao Mimura on Twitter. I don’t know how it happened, but we started following each other. She is a teenager, trying to make it in the music industry. She is doing pretty well on Twitter, with more than 19,000 followers. She has a mini-album, ‘In Dream,’ and she promotes it in her bio on Twitter.

Nao is an excellent singer. She tends to sing ballads, which to be honest, isn’t my favorite style of song. I am more interested in upbeat, danceable tunes. Also, she tends to dress on the conservative side. It’s apparent that she is trying to succeed based on her talent, not her looks. That’s not to say she isn’t beautiful, because she is. She seems like a sweet young lady as well . . . always smiling.

Nao also has a YouTube channel, with a modest 13,000 views and 1,700 subscribers. Apparently, she isn’t promoting her YouTube channel effectively.

Nao occasionally post photos of herself on Twitter. She goes to the beach a lot and surprisingly stays fully covered, for some reason. Maybe she is shy. Also, I think she likes Disney because she posts photos of herself in Mickey Mouse ears. I tweeted a photo of her, requesting people to support her. I got 4,000+ impressions and 11 likes, which is a lot for me. She has some dedicated followers!

We’ll see what happens with the entertainment career of Nao Mimura, but I hope she achieves her goals!

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