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Rikoshi of Puchi Palette: charming

Posted by mountainoluv, 02 August 2020 · 1362 views

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Rikoshi of Puchi Palette: charming It has been too long since I made a post . . . excuse me for the delay!

There is an app called Showroom that a lot of Japanese artists use to broadcast chat sessions with their fans. You can type comment in a chat function, the artists read them and you can see them respond via video. Sometimes they sing or do mundane things like apply makeup. It is a chance to get to know your stars or even discover new artists.
I will discuss Japanese musical artist Rikoshi, born February 26, 1995.

One day, I was clicking around in Showroom and I ran across a performance by a young lady named Rikoshi. She was cute and she really impressed me with her friendliness/earnestness. She seemed to be the girl next door type. I entered that I wanted her to perform ‘Koi Kana’ by Koharu Kusumi. She thought about it for a few seconds and began playing it on a piano and singing it! She really charmed me by doing that!
From her Amoeba blog, I found out that in early 2016, she didn’t have anything to do. Her parents took her to an agency (ArtPool) to audition. On February 14, 2016, she officially became an artist attached to the agency.

I followed Rikoshi on Twitter (@rikoshi_) and she followed me back. In 2019, she started a duo group with Nozomi Tatsumi (ex-member of the band KRD8) called Puchi Palette. They released their first single, ‘Futari no Galaxy,’ in March, 2019 on the ArtPoolRecords label.
Puchi Palette had a one-man live in February 2020 during which they made an announcement. They announced that they would dissolve in May 2020.

Here is a quote from Rikoshi’s blog:

“From there, I had a lot of live performances, learned the joy of singing on stage, learned the happiness of being laughed at by the people in front of me, met many wonderful people, and my boring life was completely reborn for the better.
Anyway, the time to sing is fun!!
I can be a different person...
I loved the stage that can be sparkling!!”

Another quote:

“What's Puchi Palette in me?
It's like a jewelry box full of memories.
The most beautiful Puchi Palette now
I want to keep it sparkling and save it forever.”

On her blog, she announced that she was retiring from music. She emphasized that she left on good terms from her agency. To read that made me sad.

She is still on Twitter, but she doesn’t tweet much these days. When she does, it is about her engaging in crafts or do it yourself projects. I want to see her sing! It is like life. Sometimes people are there, but they are not really there anymore. Does that make sense?

I wish Rikoshi a lot of healthy, joy, happiness, and peace in her life!

From the Twitter feed of Puchi Palette


"[Puchi Palette Last Live]

Friday, October 16, 2020
Live without audience
@Club Mercury
21: 10-21: 40 (30 minutes)

Delivered on Periscope!"


I don't know if there is a fee to watch the performance, but I imagine there is.

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