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Rin Sasaki, member of Miss Carat

Posted by mountainoluv, 03 May 2020 · 2937 views

Rin Sasaki Miss Carat nurse idol Show Room cosplay pretty girl in the classroom
Rin Sasaki, member of Miss Carat I’ll address Rin Sasaki in this post. I met her a couple of years ago when she was doing a Show Room. She seemed really nice and she asked me to follow her on Twitter. I did, and she followed me back.

Rin Sasaki was born on June 18, 1996. She is a member of a 3-nin idol group called Miss Carat. She has 3,356 followers on Twitter. One thing I like about her is her responsiveness. Whenever I respond to a tweet she made or if I Retweet with a comment, she likes it really fast.

In addition to singing and dancing, she also models. One thing that makes Rin Sasaki stand out to me is her edginess. I think she drinks alcohol, because she frequently tweets photos of herself in the presence of several bottles of liquor. Once, she tweeted a photo of herself, giving a double middle finger salute.

Another impressive characteristic of Rin Sasaki is her beauty. She has a photobook titled ‘Rin Sasaki - Pretty girl in the classroom’ by GIRLS SYRUP in Kindle format. One of the photos from the photobook is at left. She is also into cosplay. She has a lovely photo of herself dressed as a sexy nurse. Rin Sasaki has kind of a round face, like a doll. She gives the illusion that she is chubby but in fact, she has a fit body.

I don’t know much about her personality, but she seems like a happy young lady. She is usually smiling, but occasionally, she makes a pouty face. I think she is adorable! I hope she remains active in the entertainment industry for a long time, and I wish her a lot of success.

aww she's so cute! i've never heard of miss carat but i love 3nin idol groups so i'll have to check them out lol

awww she's so cute!!!! i've never heard of miss carat but i love 3 member idol groups so i'll have to check them out lol

Update: Miss Carat is having a live stream performance in honor of their sixth aniversary. Excuse the late notice but it is on 5/29/2020.


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