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Becky: actress, model, and talent from Japan

Posted by mountainoluv, 01 December 2019 · 4497 views

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Becky: actress, model, and talent from Japan This post will address Japanese model-actress-talent Becky.
Becky was born in Kanagawa Prefecture, south of Tokyo, on March 6, 1984. Her mother is Japanese and her father is British, which means she is half. She was fortunate to inherit exotic looks, especially, her eyes. I have seen that she joined the entertainment industry in 1998 and 1999. She appeared early on as an Oha girl in the television show ‘Oha Star.’
Becky has appeared in numerous TV dramas over the years. The first time I became aware of Becky is when I saw her play a supporting role in the drama “Victory! Futto Girls No Seishun” (2003). The drama featured Aya Matsuura in the lead role. It focused in a soccer team at a girls’ school. Becky played goalkeeper. She stood out to me as someone special, which caused me to remember her.
Becky is not just another pretty face. In 2006, she graduated from Asia University with a degree in Business Administration. She reported that she paid her tuition and other expenses entirely on her own.
I would occasionally see her as I followed Japanese culture. She has been a talent on various variety shows on Japanese television. She has been hired by a lot of companies to appear in advertisements. In 2011, Becky won publisher Kodansha's 'Best Character Award' for her work in advertisements. Reportedly, Becky has appeared in more advertisements than any other Japanese talent.
In 2016, Becky was exposed by a tabloid to be in an adulterous relationship with a married man who happened to be in the Japanese entertainment industry. She lost her endorsement deals and had to take a break from television. She made a public apology, and eventually returned to television.
She announced her marriage to a baseball coach in the Nippon Professional Baseball League in February, 2019. More recently, in November, Becky announced that she is expecting a baby in spring, 2020.
I really like Becky. While she has had her difficulties, I think she has a good heart and I wish her the best in her life.

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